SAFE Needs Your Help After Winter Storm

SAFE - Stop Abuse for Everyone

SAFE Needs Your Help After Winter Storm. The SAFE Alliance is a Central Texas nonprofit. They’re committed to providing safety, stability, and healing to anyone who has experienced violence and abuse. Locally, they provide housing, support services, and prevention programs to stop the cycle of violence. Globally, they engage in conversations that shape a culture free from violence and abuse. SAFE’s mission is to stop abuse for everyone. They support survivors of violence and abuse in the Austin community.

Melinda Cantu, VP of Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention Services at SAFE, spoke with Local Insights. She explains the needs of the nonprofit after the winter storm. Abuse cases have been rising throughout the pandemic and winter storms, with people being forced to stay at home. If you are a victim of abuse, reach out to SAFE today. If you can help support their efforts financially, please do.

SAFE relies on the community to help donate in-kind items like, basic needs supplies, toys, clothes, etc. You can visit their website and see their ‘wishlist’.

SAFE needs donations


Reach out to SAFE 24 hours a day via their SAFEline (512-267-7233) if you are a victim of child/domestic/sexual, abuse. The SAFE Alliance is available for virtual counseling, emotional support, legal services, and more. Visit to see how they’re serving the community safely.

SAFE contact page
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