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Top 7 Rolling Stones Songs Brian Jones Helped Make Better

As the founder of the Rolling Stones, Brian Jones helped shape the band in many ways; Jones even came up with the idea to name the band after a Muddy Waters song titled "Rollin' Stone Blues." If Jones was still alive, he would be 77 years old today—unfortunatley, the musician drowned in his swimming pool back in 1969 when he was only 27. Brian’s ability to play various instruments added a layer of texture that can be heard in various songs, some of which we have included below. Instruments include the recorder on "Ruby Tuesday," sitar on "Paint It Black," mellotron on "She's A Rainbow," and marimba in "Under My Thumb."

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1. "Paint It Black"


2. "Ruby Tuesday"


3. "Dandelion" 


4. "She's A Rainbow"


5. "Under My Thumb"


6. "Not Fade Away"


7. "Let's Spend the Night Together"

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