Video Schmideos

A guide to the videos you hear on the show. Now you can watch them here!


Walk with me austin



Oil cam compilation



“Oh he dead”


Right on the beat!






Man cave under subway. Was someone living here?



Dude rocks a man cave


Dale thinks this is a good excuse for a high-speed chase.


Anti masker demands to be dragged out of a school board meeting






Algebra ‘Africa’ Parody




Weatherman hates Rick Astley. Oops.



Comedian pranks Saddleback College meeting with mascot suggestion.




Is this unfair?



Dukes of Hazzard?





Bob likes music stuff


You want my gun?




Enthusiastic kindergarten teacher

Bob’s disappointed

Bone chilling

No one knows how fire works?

A ‘hair raising’ bong hit


Racist Karen mad about chalk




3 year old hits a blunt?

Chuy says the only bad thing about marijuana is that it’s illegal.


Drone delivery service?





Paul Rudd says wearing a mask is COOL. no cap.




Tesla camera captures thief breaking into car at Pennybacker Bridge Overlook | KVUE





Wildest thing to happen during a HS football game!



Professor in hot seat over word sounds.

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