Video Schmideos 10/19-10/23/2020

bob fonseca on tv

Here are a few of the videos that gave us a chuckle this week.


WTF is up with Moscow Mitch’s Hand


Miley Making a Metallica LP


Elton John Barbie


Borat Defends Rudy


Small-Towntober: Corn Maze


Small-Towntober: Corn Maze


Flora Bama Mullet Toss


More Pumpkin Scuba STT


Cedar Park, one of the best Cities


1992 Austinites on UFO’s



Austin ISD Failing up to 70%


Small-Towntober: Corn Maze!!!


Small-Towntober: Underwater Pumpkin Pumpkin Carving


Small-Towntober: Pumpkin Throwing


Small-Towntober: and War on H.


Karen Loses to Water Hose



Borat Preview


Small-Towntober: Bucket O Xanax found at Fulshear


Small-Towntober: Drive-Through Haunted House in ABQ


STT: Ark, where did the deer go?


Sibling Rivalry At It’s Finest


Bevo Is Being Sued?



Alex Jones’ little racist parody song


Cowboy Fan Last Night


Small-Towntober: guy to break record for pizza box folding


Small-Towntober: College Station Halloween


Small-Towntober: Quad Cities tree takes down fence


Small-Towntober: Lee’s Summit gets a medical M shop


Pacino Yelling Meter


Careful what you Rap about


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