Radio Visuals

dudley bob and matt on tv

All the silly little videos we play during the show! Did we miss one you want to see? Let us know on Twitter and our research team will dig in and find it.


Call of Duty and Knives


Worst Baseball Call of the Year?

Oh that handrail is just for show


When you build a roundabout in Kentucky


Thats a new way to lose a tooth

Toothtrap from WinStupidPrizes


Dog wins Track meet


Seal that does Karaoke


Dog is stoned (can’t play audio)


Woman is in guys shower (needs edit)


Expensive and Dangerous Car Wash


Don’t try to Lugy a fish

Cocky Kid Confronts guys Reb flag


Woman Scared of a very calm dog


Unlucky Fish

carnival fight

Woman claims to shoot breast milk out of her arm

Why I haven’t used my resistance bands


Car Wash Dancing Fail


Guy decides to take on proboxer


Pat Robertson gettin all woke


Dave Daubinmeir – NO lady cops


When calling an Ambulance goes wrong


Fat Golf Fighting


 Ryan Creamer On pornhub


Swim Free Little Shark

Guy catches shark, is told to release it. Then madness ensues from PublicFreakout


Good morning Mr. Bobcat


NYPD Has a Robo Dog


What’s in the Hotel Drain?


Best Moonwalker ever?


Jesus gets hit too hard


Woman has a natural moment with dude


Deleted Scenes for Bad Trip


Things to not say to a cop


Child “Abuse” Prank




DL debate with Libertarians


A Rugby Ball almost ruined my night


Storm Coffin in your garage?


Worst Excursion Ever


Replacing Matt in the Band


Best Moonwalker ever?




Best Evil k jump ever.


Chuy’s Trap Set for the Band


Kids Getting Hurt #435


Kid Cooking Fail


Pat Sajak Giving the D


Why These rabbits walk on two legs


Anti Masker Gets self owned (curse)


Jesus man, I’ve got a beverage here



Totally Not what you expect


Another Fire Faceplant


Earthquake and Wrestling 


Fish makes a Getaway


Gotta get a better net


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dudley bob and matt on tv

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