Dudley & Bob + Matt’s Halloween Bashes

dbm halloween people in costumes

For five years Dudley and Bob with Matt hosted the hottest Halloween party in Austin. Each year we gave out thousands of dollars in cash prizes to participants who packed Sherlock’s or Baker Street Pub.


Bob’s $500 Runner Up: Sad Dorthy

This man broke our hearts… in the creepiest way.

Matt’s $500 Runner Up: Picture Day

This listener imitated Matt’s daughter’s recent school photo.

Dale’s $500 Runner Up: Daniel Yelling at Hopdoddy

Daniel’s meltdown in front of a potential client was a HUGE part of this year’s drama. These two nailed it… YOU’RE NOT MY BRO!

3rd Place $500 Winner: Plug Love

Two, homemade and light up plugs.

2nd Place $1,000 Winner: X-Men

They go as a group every year and finally took home the big prize!

1st Place $2,000 Winner: Jim Bakker and Creamy Potato Soup

Great show and topical costume! Plus it’s two babes who stayed in character all night! Ended up being on everyone’s short list.

Halloween Bash 2015



Big Winners: Orange is the New Black, Shiner Knight, Curious George, Daniel’s Fridge, Angus Young

2014 Halloween Bash



Big Winners: Baby Monkey (not sure who else)


Big Winners: Kool-Aid Man, Beatle Juice Couple,

(sorry we don’t remember what won what)



Big Winners: Bumble Bee Transformer, Day of the Dead Woman, WWE Wrestlers, Bender

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