25 Times Chuy Was the Best

Happy Birthday Chu-Chu! Since you are stuck at home and the show is out, we thought we would count down your best moments.


1) When he joined the show


2) When he had a super sexy photoshoot

Chuy’s Super Sexy Photoshoot


3) When he started a podcast with his best friends




4) When he went speed dating


5) When he cooked for Aaron Franklin


6) When Matt Cut His Hair


7) When he went speed dating (again)

Chuy Speed Dating II


8) When he started a boxing podcast and quit after one episode


9) Marching in the Chuy’s Parade

chuy and daniel


10) This Offensive Song


11) This picture and the ensuing nipple lick

The interns with whipped cream on chest


12) This Quotechuy


13) When Dale and Bob Threatened to Quit the Show…



14) Tube-Pac on the CGJR podcast


14) Did we mention this?



15) Clawsby



16) When He Was Born

baby chuy

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