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Under Five Film Fest

Throw Back Thursday

Once again, Daniel Gallo’s baldhead and Carissa’s teatree oil soaked vagina shined brightly on the big screen before a sold out Alamo Drafthouse theatre.

Hundreds of #Warriors came out to see their fellow fans creations and laugh along with KLBJ crew. Both screenings have wrapped and all of our finalists videos have been posted online (along with the entire 2016 Program). Now it's time for you to decide our $500 Le Grand Priz du Jury (fan favorite).





dale's favorite rom com

When Helen (Gwyneth Paltrow), a London ad executive, is fired from her job and rushes out to catch a train, two scenarios take place. In one, she gets on the train and comes home to find her boyfriend, Gerry (John Lynch), in bed with another woman. In the second, she misses the train and arrives after the woman has left. In the first scenario, Helen dumps Gerry, finds a new man and gradually improves her life. In the second, she becomes suspicious of Gerry's fidelity and grows miserable.


Thanks to all of our prize sponsors, we were able to raise $10,000 in cash to give to the directors of the top films (as selected by our esteemed and steamy panel of judges). The Palme d'Udley took home $6,000 and several others took home $500!

Palme  d'Udley - Being Dale Dudley


Grand Prix le Nombre Deux - Ultimate Warrior


Prix du Perte d'Argent (Best Film that Cost Us an Advertiser) - Pickle


Prix du Représentation Carissa (Best Representation of a Cast Member) - Tampoon


Prix du Cinéma Daniel (best Daniel Related Cinematography) - Black Fence


Prix du Science Fiction  (best science fiction) - Life in Cardboard


Trois Films Pour le Prix d'un (three films for the price of one aka best lone director) - Robert Luke


Prix Pour Bizarre (weirdest film) - Last Diet Dudley & Bob



We had a wonderful time watching, judging and screening your entries for the inaugural D&B+M Under Five Film Festival! As the week goes on, we will continue to add everyone's films, right here, on this website™.

In the meantime, here's the entire hour long program which we screened at the Alamo Drafthouse and a few of the prize winner's movies.


For over an hour, we watched several wonderful pieces of cinematography created by our fans. Here is the entire program that was screened last week at our special Alamo Drafhouse event.



Thanks to all of our prize sponsors, we were able to raise $10,000 in cash to give to the directors of the top films (as selected by our esteemed and steamy panel of judges). The Palme d'Udley took home $6,000, while the du Bob Fonseca Prix le Nombre Deux (runner up) and Prix du trois la Chèvre Matt Bearden (third prize) took home $1,000. Several other films netted $500.

The Outing - Tim Bond 

Palme  d'Udley 

"Two gentlemen converse is what is seemingly, but quite possibly may not be, in reality, a civil manner."


Mon Petit Vagabound - Michael Charron 

Winner of the du Bob Fonseca Prix le Nombre Deux


Five Mile - Jeff Duke

Winner of the Prix du Faux Bébé (Best Use of Fake Baby) 

"A guy and his dream to sell some boots. Drink something/smoke something.  Hit play."


Back in the Day - Ty Crull

Winner of Prix Un Représentation du Cocaïne (Best Depiction of Dale's Coke Days) 

"A night in the life of a Legend." 


la réfrigérateur - Steve Miller

Pièce de Animation (Best Emotional Animation)

"Dale Dudley's recent refrigerator purchase leaves him with serious post-purchase dissonance, ultimately resulting in a fake 911 call."


Cannyman - Brian Elder

Winner of the Mort du énonciation (Award for Death by Enunucation) 

"A spoof of the Candyman with characters from the KLBJ radio show, created by Feast or Famine Films and Josh Farmer."


Gallo: A Horr Story - Robert Luke 

Winner Prix du trois la Chèvre Matt 

"In this terrifying horr film, Daniel makes a perfect steak."

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