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Austin VS San Antonio

An Objective Look Into the Blog Battle Between Two Cities

Okay. Let's objectively look at this Austin vs San Antonio debate. Last month, shit hit the fan when Eater Austin discussed how SXSW attendees 'created' the breakfast taco. Some crappy SA blog fired back, Austinites got all defensive, and then some restaurant issued a breakfast taco challenge that never happened (because it was in the middle of SXSW).

Anyhow, a Forbes writer blogger recently named San Antonio the Best City in Texas and Austin second. I decided to tour each place (again, objectively) and jot down my observations for this poorly written clickbait piece.

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Known for

Austin: Partying, hipsters, music, festivals, shitty traffic, bats, stupid bike rides, festivals

San Antonio: The Alamo and a really overweight guy in a Spurs jersey, jean shorts, and sandals drunkenly trying to start a fight inside Wal-Mart at 2pm.


Where Most Residents Eat

Austin: Food trucks (East Side Kings), back yard cookouts, hip new restaurants (Launderette), dive bars (El Casino Camino), sushi (Otoko), one of the many great BBQ joints (Franklins),

San Antonio: Chilis, Applebees, McDonalds inside of Wal-Mart

Otoko, Jennifer Sinski

Speaking of BBQ…

Best BBQ

Austin: Franklins, Salt Lick, Micklwaithes 

San Antonio: Arby’s, beef jerky form Buccees



Austin: Cap City, Velvetta Room, Moontower Fest,

San Antonio: The River Center Mall

Cap City Comedy


Austin: Longhorns and whatever Dallas team is doing well

San Antonio: Spurs, Longhorns and whatever Dallas team is doing well 


Spirit Animal:

Austin: Willie Nelson

San Antonio: Really overweight guy in a Spurs jersey, jean shorts, and sandals drunkenly trying to start a fight inside Wal-Mart at 2pm.


Notable Music Venues

Austin: Stubbs, Mohawk, ACL Live, Bass Concert Hall and so many more

San Antonio: AT&T Center 

Concert goer Dale Dudley enjoying music at ACL Fest


Art Scene

Austin: Blanton Museum of Art, ART on 5th, Yard Dog Art Gallery, Carissa

San Antonio: Hobby Lobby, Michael's 



Austin: Tech, Creative, Real-estate

San Antonio: Manage a Chilis, Sell Life Insurance, Sell Used Cars

Amanda Dudley of Reality Austin, Not taken by CJ Morgan

Chief Import

Austin: People from other cities, homeless from other cities

San Antonio: People forced out of Austin due to skyrocketing property values



Austin: 93.7 KLBJ, Dudley & Bob + Matt, 101x KUT, KGSR, La Zeta, Latino 102.7, the Beat, Coke Fm, Sun Radio, 

San Antonio: that rock station that still plays Papa Roach and Nickelback


Fun Water Activities

Austin: Barton Springs, the Greenbelt, McKinney Falls, Lake Travis, Colorado River, Blanco River, Lady Bird Lake,

San Antonio: The River Walk, drive to New Braunfels


There you have it! Both cities are great for there own reasons and all these blogs are stupid. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or pictures - I would love to see them (yes, even complaints or corrections). Click here.


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