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7 Reasons Austin Office Jobs Suck

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Austin is a hotbed for jobs and many people are on the move. Since I work in a dying industry, I’ve decided to look elsewhere. After some research, however, I’ve discovered any Austin job will suck. Here is why:

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1)  Because you’ll have to get out of bed

Even if you work from home, waking up is the worst. Ben Franklin used to say there will be enough to sleep in the grave. Well Mr. Franklin never slept in a comfy modern bed. Plus beds are better than desks.



2) Because traffic sucks

No matter how close you are to work, Austin’s roadways are trash and ALWAYS under never ending construction.



3) Because no one makes coffee 

It is not that hard to fill a tray and press start after drinking the last cup, yet somehow, dozens of lazy jerks manage to do that every hour of every morning. 



4) Because your coworkers are annoying

People are not meant to be cooped indoors. Especially with small talk Sam, smelly Sarah, and no headphones Harold.



5) Because all bosses are dicks

It is their job to make sure you are doing your job. On top of that, many middle managers entire job is trying to impress their dick of a boss by finding something you are doing wrong.



6) Because everything breaks

And no one wants to fix it.

reboot computer


7) Because you don't get paid enough

The American dream is a lie. You’ll never make enough to retire no matter how hard you try. 



8) Because deep down, you know it’s all meaningless and one day you will die alone

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CJ Morgan is not a writer. He is a click-bait hack and angry radio DJ who is bitter over the fact no one ever clicks on his stuff and that he will never be famous enough.

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