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William Shatner ROCKS

Q&A with the Capt. after Star Trek II at Bass Concert Hall 1/12

Photo: (KLBJ) 93.7 KLBJ / B-DOE

My childhood spaceman dream came true! I had a chance to chat up LEGEND William Shatner about his upcoming appearance at Bass Concert Hall for a Q&A following a screening of Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan on January 12th. What would you ask Bill if you had a chance?


We talked about the history of Star Trek, what William Shatner loves about Austin, how many episodes of the show he's actually seen, what to expect at the screening on Jan. 12th, and I busted out my acting chops with a classic line from the film in front of the man himself. Did you know he has a Christmas album called, 'Shatner Claus'? William Shatner is a national treasure and you can hear the proof of it HERE!

Captain Kirk gives you some tips on how to properly ask him questions during out interview. LISTEN to it and get your tickets for this CAN'T miss event at Bass Concert Hall, Jan. 12th!

William Shatner at Bass Concert Hall Jan. 12th

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