48 Hours in NOLA To-Do List

48 Hours in New Orleans

48 Hours in NOLA To-Do List! What would you do with 48 hours kid-free? I love my family and truly cherish my two kiddos. But when the wife and I had a chance to be childless for a weekend, we knew where we were goin! NAWLINS, baby! IT WAS GLORIOUS! It’s the home of bad decisions with the best intentions. Have you been on vacation in the past year and a half? Where are you yearning to be? If you’re looking to break free from obligations and just drink, eat, drink, drink, eat and drink. Then you need to visit New Orleans. 

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If you’ve never been, here’s what I did with my 48 hours of freedom in NOLA. Enjoy the photo/video trip down my hazy memory lane. Thoughts on my destinations? What did I miss? Where should I go the next time I have 48 hours to myself? Hit me up on the socials @BDOEROCKS. I miss you New Orleans and I can’t wait to be back up in you.

48 Hours in New Orleans

  • Acme Oyster House: Acme Oyster House

  • Scenery: Scenery

  • Liuzza's: Liuzza's

  • Pat O's: Pat O's

  • Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop: Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop

  • Saxophone guy: Saxophone guy

  • Raw oysters: Raw oysters

  • Piano's everywhere: Piano's everywhere

  • Oyster shot: Oyster shot

  • Batroom: Batroom

  • Port of Call: Port of Call

  • Chickie Wah Wah: Chickie Wah Wah

  • Cheers to 48 hours KID FREE: Cheers to 48 hours KID FREE

  • Baked oysters: Baked oysters

  • Cafe du Monde: Cafe du Monde

  • Truth in signage: Truth in signage

  • Huge Ass Beers: Huge Ass Beers

  • Heaven on a plate: Heaven on a plate

  • Magnolia: Magnolia

  • Piano Bar: Piano Bar

  • Barista art: Barista art

  • Hand Grenade: Hand Grenade

  • Hurricane: Hurricane

  • Where are we?: Where are we?

  • Coffee and beignets: Coffee and beignets

  • Art everywhere: Art everywhere

  • Lucky Dogs: Lucky Dogs

  • Sew pretty: Sew pretty

  • Bourbon Street: Bourbon Street


  • Markets galore: Markets galore

  • Delicious Italian food: Delicious Italian food

  • Block walking: Block walking

  • Lafitte's Purple Drank: PURPLE DRANK

  • Open air jam session: Open air jam session

  • Nakia and the Blues Grifters: Nakia and the Blues Grifters

  • Surrey's Cafe and Juice Bar: Surrey's Cafe and Juice Bar

  • Magic Tiki Stick: Magic Tiki Stick



What do you do when you’ll be kid free for the first time in 19 months? Pop some spensive champagne to start the 48 hours of freedom. That’s what!

Everyone says you have to gamble at Harrah’s when you’re in New Orleans, so I did. After I donated my kids college fund to the casino, they organized a parade in my honor. Good times.


It was extra swampy this particular afternoon, so when we were done shopping, we stopped in The Maison on Frenchmen Street for some delicious garlic fries, refreshing adult beverages, and some sweet music courtesy of Chance Bushman and the Ibervillianaires.


I felt like I was standing on a balcony over 6th St. when we played “Will They Step In It?” on Bourbon Street. Listen closely to the balcony to the right of us. They try to coax their drunk friend to step in the pile of partially processed shrimp and grits.




Not ready to get out of the house yet? Well you could have an adventure at home. Try and grow a mullet with a monkey tail beard like this douchey DJ.

B-DOE with a mullet and monkey tail beard


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