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The Dudley and Bob with Matt Show

Mary Lynn Rajskub joins the show and uses periscope. Also Malford Milligan and Dave Sebree of Big Cat came and played for us.
We learn about Carissa's deep thinking. Apartments taking advantage of the blind. Shrooms, shrooms and shrooms.
We talk about our drafts and how bad they are this round. Jefferson Davis statue finally has a home inside. Don't let Carissa watch dog commercials...
This morning we take phone calls about the important things that we have broken that didn't belong to us. We're not talking about hearts this time.
We talk to Chief Acevedo about a huge mistake the media is making. We also discuss Dillodirt and a local doctor's big mistake.
Daniel is out on his second wedding so Carissa is holding up the show today. This morning we discuss what it is that men really look for, and it's...
Dr. Carissa and professor Daniel take over the show and it's as great as it sounds.
We talk about the TABC, a reporter that was killed, and the war on Halloween.
We found a deal for Daniel so he can hoard more food. We talk about the fabulous city, San Antonio.
We talk with Peter Li about the Atlas Wearable Wristband. Dale recounts his experiences recording Dr. Zimm's Elixir.