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Fast food fanatics Online things Dudley’s wife calls Toys are us Dudley was mean to chuy Talking to audience of one Talking about audience of one
Online videos Audience of one Online fails Funerals Online people Racism and politics Marijuana Taking callers Fast food fanatics Going in on Daniel
Dudley doesn’t like being attacked He’s not on a diet yet Facebook tells you your political views Dudley’s therapist advice Show dinner joke
All the ways APD could have gone wrong and some are upset that the chief did not call the Austin bomber a terrorist. The risisng national debt make...
We've got a new contest for the listeners called "What's in the jar?" and the guys are having just a little bit of trouble getting people to play the...
Nate the intern is late and may have to face trial. Dale is trying to figure out how to report his properties and winnings on his taxes. It's almost...
Turtle ate a puppy, politics, contest going haywire
Austin bomber, dont complain about cops, bad spellers, man in a box, politics