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The Dudley and Bob with Matt Show

The debate was last night. We don't know who won, but we know they both lost us.
Bob went to a concert last night and has a cautionary tale about man-buns. Carissa defends them. Also a lot of emotions.
The gang talk about the presidential debate taking place tonight and cover the ongoing sensation of creepy southern clowns popping up out of nowhere.
The most uplifting songs according to science get overlooked and the gang discuss the inconceivable lameness of Ted Cruz.
The gang expresses their condolences regarding the late Arnold Palmer and discuss last week's sideshow issues
The gang goes in on the latest Donald Trump business and technical difficulties cause tensions to rise.
The guys run through another edition of Animal Cavalcade and then a lucky listener wins ACL tickets by playing "who knows it, man?"
The gang discusses how amazing Tears For Fears is and the current hype surrounding "going viral"
We go down a Country Music Wormhole that will make many of you very happy.