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The Dudley and Bob with Matt Show

We watch videos of Latina newscasters and Dale boasts about his flying prowess.
Is it okay to shower in front of your kids? Carissa gives us a lesson about the digestive system.
We celebrate today with an amazing fight. Daniel and food is a dangerous combination. *The show is technically not ranked 5th.
Franklin's BBQ has a new line rule. Dale's new response to upset people.
Dale ubering during ACL. They discuss Daniel and is addiction.
Dale had fun out on the ranch this weekend. If you like football this is the podcast for you.
Daniel & Carissa made more Tradio calls. Would you buy a weather box?
Carissa teaches the guys how to smell their breath. TABC is going to change your ACL experience.
Carissa's outfit is on point...for jokes. Daniel's vacations are making the guys upset.
Musician Max Frost joins us! Dale tells an extremely embarrassing story about their last encounter, and Max tells the true story of their last...