Dudley and Bob

Some guys from the New York Improv Group F*CT came into the show today to talk about the upcoming Out of Bounds Comedy Festival. It will be going on September 1-7 at various theatres in Austin. You can check out more information here .
With 6 weeks into his training Ricky is really beginning to see some results! He now is down 22 pounds, has gained 10 punds of muscle, and lost 5 percent from his body fat. You can always check out his progress on his blog here .
The guys talked this morning about a man in Georgia who allegedly slapped a child in a store because the child would not stop crying. Dale, and the guys think it would be hard not to deck the guy out who would do that to a child. What are your thoughts?
Dale heard a new rap song this morning coming into work, and he would like to share it with everyone. Check it out here .
Long time friend and hilarious comedian Dave Huntsberger was on the show today. He will be at Cap City Comedy all week long. Click Here for Tickets. Click Here for Dave’s videos.
Mike Martinez called into the show today to discuss the delays that are plaguing the new “Light Rail” commuter train. For full story Click Here .
Can you find Bob in this music video for the short film "Playland." Watch the 20 minute film (and vote for it) at The film was filmed in Austin and stars Bob's son Caden.