Dudley and Bob

Maverick from Austin Ghost Tours dropped by the show today to talk about some of the spookiest places in Austin. If you would like to find out more info on them go here .
Dale got out of a speeding ticket yesterday by telling the police officer that he was on the radio. Dale and Bob are trying to figure out something that he can do to repay his debt to society. What do you think?
Ricky and Lindsay came to the show today in costume to celebrate Halloween! Can you guess what they are?
For KISS tickets today -- what is it??? Call us at 390-5525 if you know what it is & if you're the first one -- you get the tix! CONGRATZ TO THE WINNER: RON MCCAIN OF ATX
Despite being at home Daniel couldn’t help but come up with yet another hilarious remix of our favorite laugh. Check out the audio below if you missed it live.
We talked with Paul today on the show. As Dale put it “I can’t believe that show is still on the air”. They got the skinny on the family feud. Be sure to catch the call on the podcast if you weren’t able to tune in.
We had two cast members from Friday Night Lights in studio today. The talked about the show, got a little insight into how it’s done and even found out Taylor is a good guy. He pulled over and helped a long-time listener with a flat tire. Check out the podcast to catch the...
First thing up this morning was Alex Jones yet again. The guys had some time to digest everything and came back with some fresh takes. Check the podcast to catch all the things they didn’t say in studio yesterday as well as some listener reviews of yesterday’s guest.
Alex Jones of InfoWars and PrisonPlanet sat in on the show for three hours today sharing his insight on everything from the H1N1 vaccine to dumping waste into Lake Travis. Check the podcast for the hairy details!