Dudley and Bob

Lisa and Mary of the Climate Protection program at Austin Energy came by to chat about their efforts around town and to invite everyone to come out tomorrow night when they will be having a with Mr. Charlie Hodge as host. Meet up with them tomorrow from 5-7PM at Rigglemen's...
Tracker Marine came by the show today to let us know that they are loaning a boat for the Dudley & Bob Fishing Tournament! Listener Mike called in and got the spot for himself and his buddy that had to miss the tournament last year. Thanks Tracker and congratulations Mike!
She’s wordy for someone who is apprehensive about talking on air… On last Thursday’s show she was assigned two essays… one for Charlie and one for Dale. Today was the big day for her 750 word essay about herself to be turned in. Check the podcast for weird trivia about the lone...
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David Ducharme-Jones played live in studio toady. Go out and see David at Antone's tomorrow night 8pm or Friday at the Hyatt on Town Lake 5pm.
Today Dale brought up the newly famous Lady Gaga and how much he enjoyed her Poker Face song. Bob didn’t even know who she was. Has the times past Bob up? He did spend all weekend enjoying The Beatles Rock Band. Which do YOU prefer?
A good portion of today’s first hour went to sorting through the latest Kanye outburst at the VMAs on MTV. Kanye upstaged the 17-year-olds big moment by proclaiming Beyonce was robbed and proved once again that no amount of fame can give somebody class or grace.