Dudley and Bob

Do you have what it takes to be a Dudley and Bob intern? If you do, write Andre finally works his way into Dale's circle of trust with this stunt. Notice the hair dye job inspired by Bob.
Check out this musical moment from the Comedy Conquest Cruise.
If you have been listening lately (and we hope that you have been). You'll know that I have been engaged in an on-air war with our boy intern Daniel. Apparently, Daniel believes that people over 45 should be banned from all concert facilities because (to quote Daniel) "they don'...
Just stop it! Let’s end all the negativity and conspiracy theories in the station forums about the “new guy” here and now. What is all the fuss about? So Nigel is from Mother England… so what! Why is that so threatening to you? Do I have to remind you that many Brits have done...
Jason Swartzman stopped by to promote his new movie that he co-wrote with Wes Anderson - The Darjeeling Limited.