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Daniel Gallo's Life Hacks

Occasionally our producer Daniel Gallo drops some sweet knowledge on us. Recently, a lot of this information had been in the form of his life hacks. We are going to start documenting them here so you can also get by on getting by!

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Daniel's Life Hacks

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No Doggy Bags at a Buffet
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A Large Styrofoam cup is better than a to-go box. Bonus: it can fit in cup holder.

Order À la carte

Order biscuits and then gravy from the À la carte menus because it’s cheaper than ordering biscuits and gravy.

Order from the Kids Menu

It’s cheaper and sometimes  you get a toy!

Pretend to Work at Home Depot

Tell the cashier at Cici’s Pizza you work and Home Depot and they give you a discount.

No Doggy Bags at a Buffet

A Large Styrofoam cup is better than a to-go box. Bonus: it can fit in cup holder.

Shoe Shopping

Most prices are on the soles: Take the soles from a cheaper pair.

Ice Bags

Order one bag of Ice but take two (or three)

Don’t Pick up Doodoo

Leaf blowers atomize dog shit.

Grocery Store Double Bagging

Hide small groceries in bigger groceries. Example: Candy bar in a carton of eggs.

Don’t Buy Condiments

Most gas stations just give them away!

Grapes and Goodies

Grab a hand full of grapes or other snack and just eat them while shopping.

Armed Robbery

Tell the store clerk you have a gun and he will just start handing you money.


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