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Vintage KLBJ Gear

I just added something amazing to my collection

The budgets in radio promotions are not what they used to be. It’s rare that we get to buy the amazing giveaway items we used to have. Luckily, there is eBay and a few sheds full dusty boxes that occasionally contain treasure. Here is my collection of old school KLBJ Gear.

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Vintage KLBJ Gear

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-KLBJ FM 94 Jacket (1987)

When I started working in promotions back in 2007, I was tasked with cleaning out an old closet.  I found this jacket -  which DJ’s were once required to wear for public appearances. I was told to trash it but took it home instead.  

SALE: $650 now $400

-KLBJ FM 94 Belt Buckle

Last week, I won an eBay action for an old KLBJ 94.7 Belt Buckle.
SALE: $325 now $250

-KLBJ Denim Jacket

Women's denim jacket, circa 1990.

SALE: $805 now $725.99



-Austin's Rock Pint Glass

SALE: $65 now $40

-Austin's Rock Classic Coffee Mug

SALE: $75 now $40

-KLBJ FM 947 Shot Glass

SALE: $35 now $40

-Austin's Rock Jar

SALE: $850 now $40

Out and About

-The Rock of Austin Lighter/Bottle Opener (2005)

SALE: $50 now $40

-93.7 FM Mic Flag

SALE: $950 now $40

-FM 94 Sticker

SALE: $50 now $40

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