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Can you guess which artists and bands are in these vintage photographs? Check back for "new" pics every Thursday. These pictures were found via
After all these years, a complicate glitch has been found in the original Mario Brother’s game that apparently gets you infinite lives. The glitch happens when Mario dies in level two, then Luigi dies while climbing the beanstalk in … okay just watch the video.
Last week a friend of mine (friend of a friend but we’ve drank together a lot so it counts) proposed to his girlfriend with a commercial during the World Cup. At first I didn’t care (beyond being sad for any poor young couple that only wants to have sex with each other for the...
Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction was the third most destructive event to happen in the modern United States behind only Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Her nip-slip caused a necessary censorship clampdown on the media (especially radio), gave the government more control than ever and...
Dale Dudley simultaneously wrote and performed this hit country song, Jesus Through the Smoke, to prove new-country music sucks . And days later wrote this shart topping hit:
Pop country rules our nation and people like Jason Aldean, Gary Allan, Eric Church, Jake Owen, Lady Antebellum and Luke Bryan are the kings. Either this is the greatest grift of our generation or our culture has truly been dumbed down to the point of no return. In my humble,...
We’ve got a man on the in Brazil “covering” the World Cup for KLBJ. Stephen Craig is a KLBJ Warrior and member of the Austin chapter of the " American Outlaws ", the US Men's Soccer Team Fan Club. Apparently, they love playing AC/DC before many of the matches. Here's a video and...
Holly hates me and thinks I am a terrible radio DJ. I offered her the chance to come in and do my job. She did. It was a learning experience, it was fun ... and then it got weird. Listen below.