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Let’s face it, money is the key to happiness but the fat cats in Washington won’t give us our equal share. Luckily, there are a few easy ways in which we can sell our bodies (without having sex) and get rich quick. 1. Sell your blood plasma ($20-$50 per donation) I did this once...
We are all about promoting health and fitness! On today’s Dudley & Bob + Matt Show, we watched a video of this woman who took a GoPro with her to workout. Hopefully watching this video will motivate you to get up and into the gym! Think that's uplifting? Check out Humans of...
The Internet has given us another great Photoshop collection! Lead singers of many well-known metal bands have had their mics replaced with hot dogs. That’s so brutal. Lead Singers Eating Hot Dogs 1 of 17 Share Phil Anselmo Share Chance Garnette Share Trevor Strnad Share Axl...
Our Miss July Rock Girl Loriel just had her photo shoot with Matt Kelley. Check out the pictures below. Send your photos to ! You could win: $100 in cash $100 gift card to Adult Video Megaplexxx A pair of concert tickets to a show that’s during the month you...
LA Lloyd rocks so hard that everyone in the building "joins" him! This video was taken from the traffic room which is separated from the KLBJ studio by "sound proof" glass.
Greenpeace USA was shooting a time-lapse video in Colorado when this little guy decided to interrupt. Watch as he gets fresh with this GoPro.
I’ve been inspired by the Facebook Page called “ Humans of New York ”. Basically, it’s a collection of photographs and quotes from people all over the city. The founder, Brandon, describes why he started the project: "I started HONY because I thought it would be really cool to...
This morning, Carissa hit a role of carpet and manged to get it lodged underneath her truck. She somehow completed the nine mile drive on the highway and made it to work. Once here, Daniel helped her get it out.
How would you describe your sex life using only a Star Wars quote? Here are a collection of phone calls, tweets and moving clips from my show: