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I received some criticism from an anger lady a while back. I think I handled it appropriately... Why the horns? Well, it started with this complaint phone call...
Ever wonder how we come up with what to say and play on the radio? Let me pull back the curtain a bit and demosontrate how we turn lead into copper and then gold. Everything is thoroughly and scientifically tested on target listeners.
INTERNET OUTRAGE! Yesterday I caused quite a bit of controversy with this post . What did we learn from it? That people on the Internet do not thoroughly read, pay attention or fact check anything. They just look at a headline and get angry. The same thing happened when Alex...
Congratulations to me! I was once again surprised with an award for being the best radiomen at work today. Here is the video of me winning this same award last year:
Since the very moment chemistry and biology (my favorite seventh grade classes) take over our many quests, we as men begin to fixate on one primary focus: the pursuit of getting laid. That’s right. Men are not complicated. Nature has only doled out one major task, which is to...
Hopefully these types of videos will continue to surface on the Internet. It is our firm belief that fitness and an active lifestyle are pivotal to overall health and happiness. Hopefully watching this video will help you get up and be inspired! Had enough? NO? Then be sure to...
Why do so many radio DJ’s play really long songs? Many have pondered this deep, dark secret. I decided it is time to pull back the curtain reveal a little known secret. TRIGGER WARNING!
WARNING: This video is extremely graphic. The attack only lasted a few minutes but the damage is forever. Last week a man caught a vicious pack of dachshund puppies mauling our hearts with sharp fangs of cuteness. How’s that for click-bait and switch Buzzfeed?
Next week, Burger King in Japan plan to unleash new burgers that resemble an ecological disaster more than they do actual food. The Kuro Burger (black burger) has “buns made from bamboo charcoal, an onion and garlic sauce made with squid ink, beef patties made with black pepper...