Funny, random and weird pretty much sums up CJ Morgan who rocks-n-talks in the evenings. He has many self-appointed nicknames including the Captain, Wizard, Nightman and Burt Reynolds of Radio. He his best known for his Reverse Prank Calls, Not So Viral Videos, and shock-jock fart jokes in-between Zeppelin songs.

CJ's career in radio began as a kid when he got a tape recorder for Christmas. In 2002 he hosted a college morning show and in 2007 was hired as a part of KLBJ’s promotions staff. After a four year stint doing various radio work and weekends/overnights on 101x, CJ was hired to the Rock of Austin full time. He is also the digital content producer for the Dudley & Bob + Matt Morning Show and KLBJ-Fm. When it comes to radio, he’s just about done it all: Videography, broadcast engineering, social media, design, event coordination and production. Now he’s where he wants to be, inside of you (well, your ears).

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UPDATE: Miles Died

Not only is CJ Morgan a fine radioman but he is also known for being Austin's premier Wienerman. Everywhere hegoes, his wiener tags along. 

Miles is a nine year-old dachshund that CJ has had since 2007. Like many dachshunds, Miles fell victim to intervertebral disc disease. In 2011, his disc rupture unexpectedly while sunbathing outside. He was rushed to a nearby vet who performed emergency surgery. Though the procedure saved his life, it left Miles without use of his back legs.

Miles still deals with a number of medical issues but for the most part lives a happy life, enjoys treats, coming to work with his father and playing with friends. Many listeners have inquired as to how they can help Miles but CJ has instead asked you raise awareness for and donate money to the Central Texas Dachshund Rescue at

If you see Miles out and about feel free say hello, just be warned that he occasionally bites!


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