Ten Questions with Abby


Comedian Abby Rosenquist is the newest member of the KLBJ family and co-host of our newest show, Coyote. We asked her ten generic questions and you can do the same on our Facebook.


1) So you are brand new to radio and now cohosting a show. What has this experience been like for you?
A whirl of wind! It’s been a lot of fun with plenty of anxiety mixed in, but mostly really quite lovely.


2) What jobs did you do before this?
Construction, sales, childcare, service industry, customer service, girlfriend, astronaut, circus lion etc


3) Say something mean about the coworkers.
Hmm, not yet !


4) When you turn off the mic and walk out the door, what do you do? What are your outside of work hobbies?

Eat, sew, bike, hold em, catch games live or on the teevee, shoot around the ol’ leather pumpkin, etc


5) Have you had any weird moments with listeners yet?

Not yit


6) Who is your favorite caller and why?
The guy who knew about Chimeras because I love 2 learn


7) What would you consider your musical tastes?

Eclectic / better than yours.


8) What is your sign and do you believe in that crap?

Aries – depends on the day. Today? Absolutely.


9) What do you ultimately see yourself doing in life?

Hosting a show of some sort- Real Time-esque or living in the Alaskan woods off the grid with my pet grizzly.


10) Why? (not related to the last question just “why” in general)

As if I’d ever tell!



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