20 Ways Weed Can Actually Kill You

420 KLBJ Austin

Did you know your parents and the government are right? Marijuana can actually kill you! One puff of that skunky dank stuff and your life could be over forever. We’ve compiled a list of ways that weed could end your existence. Before you go out and hit the oily dabs for 4/20, read over this cautionary list or this day might be your last.

Here are some of the ways:

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A bale of weed falls on your head, crushing your skull.

  • You eat a handful and choke on it.
  • A bale of weed falls on your head, crushing your skull.
  • You slip on a baggie of green and fall off a cliff
  • A semi-truck full of weed veers off the highway and crashes into your bedroom.
  • You go to light a bowl in a room filled with leaking natural gas.
  • You steal $1.5 million worth of pot from a cartel.
  • Marijuana is the name of an escaped circus bear that mauls you on the way to work.

I’m a doctor and I agree!

-Actual Shutterstock Doctor


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