NO CONTROL Radio Replay 8/20/22 – Dimebag Tribute!

This week we mark another Birthday of Dimebag Darrell Abbott and pay tribute with a boatload of his music. RIP DIME, gone, but not forgotten!

artist song title album title
Cemetery Gates Cowboys From Hell
Floods The Great Southern Trendkill
Pride New Found Power
I’m Broken Far Beyond Driven
By Demons Be Driven Vulgar Display of Power
Revolution is My Name Reinventing the Steel
5 Minutes Alone Far Beyond Driven
A New Level Vulgar Display of Power
Domination Cowboys From Hell
Stoned Wizard Merchant of Death
artist song title album title
Fight Till Death Show No Mercy
Drag the Waters The Great Southern Trendkill
Shedding Skin Far Beyond Driven
Goddamn Electric Reinventing the Steel
Mouth For War Vulgar Display of Power
Cowboys From Hell Cowboys From Hell
Slaughtered Far Beyond Driven
Yesterday Don’t Mean Sh-t Reinventing the Steel
Primal Concrete Sledge Cowboys From Hell
Aphotic Yunnels Ep
Hollow 20 Centuries Gone

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