NO CONTROL Radio Replay 12/10/22

This late in the year it is kinda crazy to get so much new music, but I think now that artists are wise to the idea of releasing singles instead of three disc concept albums, we get some more frequency. We rock out new tunes from Zeal & Ardor, Tallah, Katatonia, Metallica, Entheos, Hellripper, Texas Made Metal from Ungrieved and Whore of Bethlehem and a couple requests in there too, enjoy!

artist song title album title
Nevermore Omens
Vengeance Single
Austerity Sky Void of Stars
Stigmata The Land of Rape and Honey
Shaken (Not Stirred) The Generation of Danger
Drained of Color To The Dead
Firewake Single
Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow Ex Lives
Wasted Years Somewhere In Time
Loathesome Phantom Limb
Sleepwalking to Extinction 7″
artist song title album title
South of Heaven South of Heaven
Dying of Everything Dying of Everything
Masters of Morbidity Single
Eye For and Eye Soulfly
I Hate Buffering With Roots Above and Branches Below
Lux AEterna 72 Seasons
The Nuckelavee Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags
In Purgatory Single
Something Wicked Something Wicked
The Seed Ov I Evangelion
Extinguish the Light Extinguish the Light
Planet Caravan Far Beyond Driven

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