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How to Get Laid (in One Simple Step)

Life's big mystery has finally been solved

Our life’s purpose forever changed the very moment chemistry and biology (my favorite seventh grade classes) took over. We, as men, began to fixate on the primary focus: getting laid, or the pursuit thereof.

That’s right. Men are not complicated. Nature has only doled out one major task, which is to procreate - spread the seed, if you will. 

Nice car?
Wants to get some.

Trying to get attention to get ass.

All songs are really just about sex.

Playing the reverse psychology card.

Hard worker with a steady job and nice house?
Simply displaying ability to provide for partner in order to get laid. 

That’s right, our life goals can be boiled down to one riddle: how do I get that person (or those people) to have sex with me?

For a lot of men, it’s not easy to come by some tail. Until now! With one simple step, anyone can convince their wife, girlfriend or partner etc. to loosen up for a night. Here’s how:



















Put this on. 

pumkin spice condom


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