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Hillbillies VS Street Bikers

Who will win the battle of trash people?

Road rage led to a brutal showdown on an Oklahoma backroad. The scene starts with a biker confronting a pickup truck. Not long after, more pickups and a man with a shotgun show up.

"Wild brawl erupts between motorcyclists and truck drivers on Oklahoma country road with one motorist wielding a shotgun, another repeatedly punching a rider and one flashing his belly
A wild video shows a fight between motorcyclists and people in pick up trucks in the middle of a road near Oklahoma City
The video shows a biker fighting with a man in a pickup truck after he cut the biker off before they both pull over and the driver throws the biker to the ground
Several other trucks stop when they see the commotion and try to intervene but end up intensifying the situation
The local sheriff's office is investigating the incident."

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