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10-Year Old Detroit Fan Cheated by Cowboys

The referees were not the only ones screwing over the Detroit Lions and their fans last week.

A family from Amarillo traveled to Jerry World to see the Cowboys host the Lions in an NFC Wild Card showdown. Before the game, their ten year-old son competed in musical chairs with hopes of winning a PS4 Madden game. After being the last young man standing (well, sitting) he was declared the winner UNTIL it was discovered he was wearing a Lions jersey underneath his blue jacket.

One of the emcees decided they needed another round (as the other people on stage uncomfortably looked on) and another child ended up winning. Instead of the game, the boy was awarded a Batman DVD and Zeppelin CD.

As a radioman, I can empathize with both sides. The kid won fair and square but the emcees (in a crunch) obviously want to cater to the home crowd. The family feels cheated so KissFm in Amarillo has set up a GoFundMe with hopes to buy the young fan a PS4.

Is the family overreacting? Yes.

Did the promotions team handle this properly? No.

Personally, I believe the Cowboys organization [or whatever group, radio station etc.] should hook this young man up and clear any bad karma before traveling to Lambeau.


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