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I was born and raised here in Austin by a family of musicians, but I’ve spent the majority of my life traveling and attending gigs and concerts pretty much everywhere with my family. I’m currently a freelance artist and model based here in Austin as well with a day job to go along with that. 

My favorite hobbies include hiking, traveling to new cities or states, finding new records to add to my collection, going to classic car shows, and going to as many concerts as I can. 

2) What kind of Rock Girl photo shoot do you envision?

I have a few different visions in mind as far as the Rock Girl photoshoot goes.... I love photoshoots that have a certain coziness and mood to them, but it’d also be cool to get to shoot with a classic car since I haven’t been able to arrange one of those shoots yet! 

3) What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen or been a part of in Austin?

Hmmm..... well like I said I grew up here in the downtown Austin music scene so I’ve pretty much witnessed it all, but I’d say the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen was when Leslie (everyone remembers Leslie, don’t you?) came up to me wearing a skirt and asked if his legs looked nice.... lol. I’ll definitely never forget that. 

4) Who is your favorite KLBJ Radio Personality?

This ones a difficult one for me to answer but since I grew up listening to this show I’ll probably have to go with LA Lloyd because he always plays the classics, and I’m a sucker for the classics. The heavier, later rock has never really been my thing. 

5) How does being a Rock Girl further your life goals?

Being a Rock Girl has kind of just always been something I aimed to do. Like I said I grew up listening to this show so i remember being like 13 going “I’m gonna do that someday, I’m gonna be the Austin Rock Girl” and I don’t know it just kind of stuck. I think being able to get my name out there a little bit and talk to you guys on the air would really help widen the road for my modeling career and honestly even if nothing new comes of it I get to say I accomplished something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. 

6. Why?

..... Why not? 



coming soon!


coming soon!


coming soon!





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