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Miss March 2017 Rock Girl Aly

Ever since I was young I was never quite like other girls. I've danced all my life and while other dancers were listening to newer pop music I was rocking out to various bands. I'm an aspiring dancer/model with a punk attitude. I had always had long hair past my shoulders but it was never me. I was that girl who wanted tattoos and short hair. I remember the day I finally cut my hair everyone freaked out! I shaved it on the side and I never felt more myself. And on my 18th birthday I got a blink-182 inspired tattoo. I love rock/ punk rock/ alternative it's a part of me:) I love rocking out at shows and supporting local artist/bands that aspire to be something much more.

What kind of Rock Girl photo shoot do you envision?  

Something fun and edgy.                           

What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen or been a part of in Austin? 

On Ash Wednesday there were two priest standing on the corner of a street promoting a drive thru for Ash Wednesday. So instead of going into the church people would just drive up in their cars and I thought that was the funniest thing. 

Who is your favorite KLBJ Radio Personality? 

Probably CJ

How does being a Rock Girl further your life goals? 

It's another unique thing I can add to my resume and portfolio.

Why? (not related to the above just an existential question) 

Why anything?



coming soon!


coming soon!


Miss KLBJ Rock Girl Aly

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Vaughn Luciano


Each Miss KLBJ Rock Girl receives:

  • $100 in cash
  • A pair of concert tickets to a show during the month you are Rock Girl
  • Photo shoot with Vaughn Luciano
  • Video shoot with CJ Morgan
  • Photo gallery and blog page featured on
  • Mentions on KLBJ’s FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages
  • You will get to be on the Radio and a part of the Rock Girl Podcast!

A winner will be chosen at the end of each month from that month's submissions. Contestants are welcome to enter multiple times per year as the criteria and judges vary from month to month. Finalists and winners are selected via a panel of judges AND based off of the feedback listeners give us on-air and our social media pages.

*Must be at least 18 to participate. Please note that by submitting your photos you agree to let KLBJ use them in promotional materials for Rock Girl.


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