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Miss August Rock Girl Morgan

My name is Morgan Best. I moved to ATX in April all the way from a small town in Georgia to try something new (and all the tacos). I graduated with a degree in Studio Art in December 2016. Music is my passion though. I guess you could say I'm an old soul, my favorite bands are twice my age. 
1)    Best Place to get Tacos? Don't hate me, I'm a Taco Bell ride or die, but I guess second place winner is Velvet Taco. I love there falafel taco and they stay open until 4 am. Are we seeing a trend here? I think so. I like my tacos in the middle of the night. That wasn't meant to sound sexual, but it definitely kind of did.
2)    Best Live Music Venue?  Oddly enough my favorite so far is the Roosevelt Room. Really cool vibe and their cocktails are pretty delish, which doesn't hurt.
3)    Favorite KLBJ Radio Personality? My favorite KLBJ radio host is definitely CJ Morgan, I mean hello? We share the same name! 
4)    Where do you see yourself in ten years? In ten years I hope I'm kicking ass and taking names. But really, I just want to be doing something creative and doing well financially. I'll also probably have a couple hundred dogs... 
5)    Why? Because life is too short to not! 




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Miss August 2017 Rock Girl Morgan

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Vaughn Luciano


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Each Miss KLBJ Rock Girl receives:

  • $100 in cash
  • A pair of concert tickets to a show during the month you are Rock Girl
  • Photo shoot with Vaughn Luciano
  • Video shoot with CJ Morgan
  • Photo gallery and blog page featured on
  • Mentions on KLBJ’s FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages
  • You will get to be on the Radio and a part of the Rock Girl Podcast!

A winner will be chosen at the end of each month from that month's submissions. Contestants are welcome to enter multiple times per year as the criteria and judges vary from month to month. Finalists and winners are selected via a panel of judges AND based off of the feedback listeners give us on-air and our social media pages.

*Must be at least 18 to participate. Please note that by submitting your photos you agree to let KLBJ use them in promotional materials for Rock Girl.

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