Ever wondered who has the biggest breasts in Hollywood? Of course you have! Here’s some click-bait you can bate to!
Twerk videos are becoming more popular on our website than Floyd songs are on the airwaves. This latest video, however, brings a little something new to the table. Introducing, breast twerking. Video of UDXUDehUgIQ
Hopefully these types of videos will continue to surface on the Internet. It is our firm belief that fitness and an active lifestyle are pivotal to overall health and happiness. Hopefully watching this video will help you get up and be inspired! Video of 018o8hDGQYU Had enough?...
No need to be a creep and seek out the hacked photos of Kate Upton. America’s sweetheart has plenty of great pictures on the Internet that were not stolen from her iPhone. WARNING: NSFW Gif below
These are a few of the 27 women who will soon be battling it out for the coveted title of Miss Bum Bum Brazil 2014. The competition offers a $22,000 prize and the chance of worldwide fame just for rocking dat ass! Video of fR4XTBfwoEE FIND OUT MORE HERE
Everyone has serious tips on how to stay safe during the Fourth of July Weekend. Unfortunately, no one likes to read them. So I thought I would combine my favorite two things: babes and safety. After you read these tips, be sure to go to B-DOE’s blog and learn how to avoid...
This is a wedding fad we can get behind! The last picture is NSFW (please look behind before scrolling down).