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Ray Prim on Local Licks

Ray Prim stopped by Local Licks and played a couple of songs live with violinists Christina Steel and Marisol Cardenas.  His new album is entitled Unconditional.  Ray will be playing UMLAUF After Dark solo next Tuesday.

Here's the Local Licks playlist:

The Cuckoos - "We Can Take A Trip To Another Day"

Lost Cosmos - "Dreamworld"

White Label Analog - "Sidewinder"

Ray Prim - "I Heard Choo" (live)

Ray Prim - "When It Don't Feel Right"

Ray Prim - "Too Much To Lose" (live)

Ray Prim - "Gently Down The Stream"

Adrian Conner - "Listening"

Cotton Mather - "Girl With A Blue Guitar"

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