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Cure Duchenne to Benefit from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra

The Ghosts of Christmas Eve 12/20 at Frank Erwin Center

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Have you heard of Duchenne disease? Until recently, it was a form of muscular dystrophy without a cure, or clinical tests to search for a cure. Duchenne typically affects young boys and progressively deteriorates their muscle strength and function throughout their whole body. Cure Duchenne has a mission to find a CURE for Duchenne and YOU can help them achieve this live saving goal. Thursday, December 20th, YOU can attend the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert at the Frank Erwin Center to help raise awareness and funds to find a cure. A portion of every ticket sold will go directly to a Doctor in Dallas currently researching a cure for Duchenne.


Tim Revell, from Cure Duchenne, stopped by Local Insights to share his family's personal story of living with two sons with Duchenne, and to encourage YOU to attend the Trans-Siberian Orchestra show 12/20 at the Frank Erwin Center to help benefit Cure Duchenne. Help this amazing nonprofit find a cure for Duchenne. Spread the word!

If you'd like to find out more about Duchenne or how to support Cure Duchenne, click HERE.

Cure Duchenne

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I chatted up Al Pitrelli from Trans-Siberian Orchestra if you want the low-down of why they LOVE to give back to charities every city they rock. Listen, and get your tickets for TSO 'The Ghosts of Christmas Eve', Dec. 20th at the Frank Erwin Center!

Trans Siberian Orchestra The Ghost of Christmas Eve

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