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Coming Of Age - Engaging With Nonprofits To Meet Critical Needs!

Travis County is the highest growing location in the country for adults 55-64

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Coming of Age is a cool nonprofit in Austin that helps adults 50+ find ways to engage in the community. If you're a nonprofit out there and have critical needs for your organization, reach out to CoA to be part of their network. The Leadership Academy is a great way for people 50+ to use leadership skills to help nonprofit organization with critical needs. The next call for training programs is May, but you can always find out more at

Fred Lugo, Director of Coming of Age, and Dr. Kate Cadenhead, Education and Training Coordinator, tell you all about Coming of Age, how it might be of assistance to you, and how you can help them out, on this episode of Local Insights.

To find out how to join a Coming of Age program, get your nonprofit involved, or how you can help volunteer, click HERE, or call them at 512-854-5874.

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