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Cohen Veterans Network

Clinic in Killeen helps Veterans AND their families make it back to better

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Have you heard about Cohen Veterans Network? They serve Veterans and their families with high-quality, integrated, accessible health care at little to NO cost. All Veterans will be seen at the Killeen clinic regardless of their role while in the military, discharge status, combat experience, or ability to pay. Child-care and help with transportation is available too. Their mission is to "help Veterans and their families make it back to better."


Ret. Master Sergeant Ovi Rivera and Dr. Iman, from the Cohen Veterans Network, stopped by Local Insights to spread the word about the services provided by CVN. They use evidenced based protocols to help Veterans and their families with transition out of the military, PTSD, grief and loss, survivor's guilt, and more. Ovi says that he's used the services to better his quality of life and that CVN has helped him make it back to better. If you're a Veteran, or a family member of a Veteran, reach out to the Cohen Veterans Network and they can help you make it back to better as well. Spread the word!

Walk in to the clinic in Killeen and be seen the same day, call 254-213-7847, or click HERE to find out more about the Cohen Veteran Network.
Cohen Veterans Network

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