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Bikes for Goodness Sake & Ghisallo Cycling Initiative

Helping kids experience the FREEDOM of biking

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Would you say the ability to ride a bike is the epitome of freedom for a child? Ghisallo Cycling Initiative and Bikes for Goodness Sake would say it's the basis for true freedom for a kid. Bikes for Goodness Sake works with corporations around the country to help source bikes, helmets, tools and charities to pair with bicycle builds to help provide bikes for kids from low-income families. Ghisallo Cycling Initiative provides programs ranging from teaching kids how to actually ride a bike, and focusing on exploration, navigation, and transportation. Since 2011 the nonprofit has had over 17,000 kids through their youth programs.


Christopher, from Ghisallo Cycling Initiative, Peter Buck, owner of Buck's Bikes, and Mark Smith, co-founder of Bikes for Goodness Sake, stopped by Local Insights to spread the word about the importance of providing bikes for kids.

Do you own or work for a company that would love to be part of a bike build initiative? Click HERE for more info on how to work with Bikes for Goodness Sake.
Bikes for Goodness Sake
Want to enroll your child in a Ghisallo Cycling Initiative program? Get more info about GCI by clicking HERE.

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