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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas

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Have you ever wanted to be a mentor in a child's life? Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Central Texas help mentor over 1,000 kids every year. Even with all the great volunteers, there is still a waiting list of 400-600 kids who are looking for Big Brothers or Big Sisters. If you are interested in helping those children succeed in life, then become a BIG today! You only need to volunteer 3 times a month for an hour to mentor kids 6-16 years old. Greater Texas Credit Union has helped support the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas for years, both financially and volunteer hours, and encourages other local businesses to do the same.


Brenda and Jeremy, from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas, and Brandy from Greater Texas Credit Union, stopped by Local Insights to encourage you to register to be a mentor, and why GTCU continues to support the organization. A little bit of your time can go a long way for the future well-being of a child involved with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Central Texas. Listen to this interview, spread the word, and become a BIG today!

To find a GTCU near you, click HERE.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas
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Big Brothers Big Sisters

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