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Back the Track Looks to Maintain the World-Class Austin High School Track

Relays are July 14th to help benefit BTT

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Have you ever ran the track at Austin High School? Did you do it to train for the Olympics, or just because it's one of your Austin traditions? The track at Austin High gets used by everyone from world class athletes, to average folks who enjoy using the track to stay healthy. Because of the high volume of runners using the facilities, the actual track gets worn down and becomes unsafe for the students and everyday exercisers. Back the Track is an organization with a goal to help sustain and innovate the track to see it have a long lifetime of keeping the track open, safe, and up to date for everyone.


Paras Shah and William Dyson, from Back the Track, stopped by Local Insights to share the story of how this organization started, why it's important to support this track in general, the goals and ideas that BTT wants to accomplish, and how we as Austinites can help make sure the track at Austin High stays safe and up to date for everyone from Olympians to random citizens to enjoy. The Back the Track Relays will be going down July 14th. A fun, all-comers track meet, with a 100m, long jump, relay races, and more. It's basically a coming out party for Back the Track. ALL proceeds raised will be going directly to support the initiatives of Back the Track. Spread the word!

You can get more details about the BTT Relays and get registered for the events on July 14th, by clicking HERE.
Back the Track Relays
Hear more about Back the Track, a public/private partnership between Austin High School, AISD, and the Austin running community by checking out this video. If you want to sponsor BTT, or find out how to donate, click HERE.

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