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Top 50 KLBJ Moments of 2015: 10-1

PART FIVE: Our Best(?) of 2015


The end is near! Well, the end of the year at least. We've had some amazing moments on-air and online, so we thought a proper list was in order. Over the next few days, we are going to countdown the Top 50 KLBJ Moments of 2015 (or at least attempt to). What was the most memorable? Did we miss your favorite thing? Play along and let us hear it-

Each section of this countdown follows a certain theme. Part Five completes our much anticipated year-end countdown, The Best(?) of 2015.

10) Miss KLBJ 2015

At the end of every year, we ask the listeners and our esteemed panel of judges to pick their favorite monthly contestant who will wear the crown as that year’s overall Rock Girl. It was a tough and close competition but one young lady’s name kept coming up. Congratulations to Miss October and "Southern Rock Goddess"Jayci on being crowned Miss 2015 KLBJ Rock Girl!

Miss October Jayci

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Vaughn Luciano Photography
Hey y'all my name is Jayci..I am a 20 year old southern rock goddess and student at Texas State! Most of my time is occupied at school, working out, playing with my dog Juelz, or on the river if the weather is right!


Our 2015 Rock Girl isn't quite the first lady of KLBJ fans however...

09) Journalistic Integrity Tournament 

Several years ago, the D&B+M Show asked to interview an attractive reporter who had just moved to Austin. The news director of that station wrote us back a polite letter declining our invitation. He explained that they do not hire reporters, anchors, weather personalities etc. based off looks but only Journalistic Integrity. Over the years we have noticed this to be absolutely true!

Turn on your television at 5, 6 or 10 and take in all the long legged, blonde haired journalistic integrity. We are not saying television news is a completely superficial industry (from sweeps sensationalism, to the faux puke voices and even the awkward small talk) we are just saying journalistic integrity is far from a priority.

At the Dudley and Bob with Matt Show we wanted to revert back to the old days and once again make journalistic integrity important. We've put together a list of the most honorable journalists in Austin (nominated by you) and decided to pair them up, head to head, in another April Madness bracket. 

KVUE's Kriss Betts was picked as this year's favorite and came by the studio to chat with us about her journalistic integrity and the industry.


The news and radio industry took a big leap in 2015 in the ability connect with fans thanks to this new technology...

08) Periscope 

Thanks to the new video streaming app, Periscope, listeners are able to get a look into the lives of our personalities and the behind-the-scenes antics of our morning show.

Everyday we get requests to "Up Periscope" which means one of the cast members of the Dudley & Bob + Matt Show must begin recording the action inside the studio. On these two days, Bob happened to be recording Carissa when something amazing happened:


As much as we love the Internet, we also hate it...

07) KLBJ Named the Best (Viral Junk, FAKE and Trolling)

We've already mentioned how our listeners love to counter- troll the Internet. This year the station and our fans took it to new heights going after asshats, bigots, politicians, trolls, SJWs, joke thieves nd more. 

A few fun moments came with our interactions on social media and with faux viral click-bait articles such as:


Even our growing online presence wasn't enough to keep our top dog with us... 

06) Dale Dudley Got a New Show

One big source of stress and conflict over the course of 2015 was speculation that Dale might be getting a show on our rival sister-station. Finally, Dale revealed details about the experimental show on Newsradio KLBJ. Rational Radio, as it's called, features an hour of Dudley alongside his producer Chuy and co-host pool noodle.


We love our pets and so do you!

05) KLBJ Listeners Help Save Miles

In June, Miles (the partially paralyzed dachshund that comes everywhere with evening Radioman CJ Morgan) began to experience a lot of neck pain. Over the course of three weeks, and several trips to the emergency clinic and other veterinarians, the situation worsened until Miles needed to have surgery. That’s when CJ created a GoFundMe to cover some of the costs and within hours KLBJ listeners, sponsors and friends of the station had raised enough money to make the decision to operate and save Miles an easy one.


Videos and animals came together on the radio...

04) l'amour du petit chat

Dudley & Bob + Matt Show producer Daniel Gallo admitted that he likes to visit cats at the Austin Humane Society. He goes to the North Austin location and spends hours sitting with the little creatures. Occasionally, he cracks open a beer and stares out the window pawndering problems that only little cats should be concerned with.

While listening to the show, CJ Morgan came up with an idea to capture the often troubled Gallo in is happiest place. 


We had so much fun making and watching videos on the radio that we finally thought it was time to get you in the mix!

03) Dudley & Bob + Matt Under Five Film Festival

The Dudley & Bob + Matt Under 5 Film Festival invited listeners to shoot a five-minute (or less) show related piece and submit them to our panel of steamy judges. The finalists had their films screened before a sold out audience at the South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse. The entire event involved two screenings, a live podcast, $10,000 in cash prizes and over 30 entries! 


The biggest drama wasn't on the big screen, it was on the D&B+M Show

2) Dale Loses His Daughter, Calls 911

Dale Dudley experienced a good chunk of adversity in his personal life over the course of 2015. From the Deep Eddy investment, to moving and a big (yet to be discussed) issue. Dale lives his life on-air and perhaps the biggest example of this is when he played this frantic 911 call for us. The Vice President of our company even remarked at how this is a perfect example of Dale laying it all out there.

For a terrifying movement, Dale thought his young daughter had disappeared. Thankfully, she was found hiding upstairs by a Leander police officer. 


And now, our number one moment of the year!

01) Ed Clements

Once again, Eddy is top dog in the rankings of life! Congrats on being the best moment of 2016 Ed!


Kidding. Our biggest story of the year was, of course...

01) D-Day

Remember the #KideMenuGate and whole Four Seasons thing that landed Daniel on probation? Well, that was just the first of many troubles to plague our morning show producer. 

The Fight thay Lead to D-Day

Several months ago, there was a giant fight off-air in front of a potential client. There was an insurmountable tension brewing behind the scenes. Several blow-ups, texts and terse words have lead to the inevitable day in which everything had to be laid out on-air.

The original incident occurred inside our studio while Dale was gone. A local restaurant was going to bring us food and promote their charity event. They arrived at 6am and started grilling burgers in the parking lot for the entire building.

Right before they came in, CJ informed the gang that the sales staff had taken all the food. This lighthearted prank sent Daniel into a rage. As our guests began to set up the trays, he blurted out "they all said your burgers suck", which caught everyone off guard. The following audio is a chunk of what was happening behind the scenes.

D-DAY: Operation Oh, Lord

After weeks of hinting and speculation we finally confronted Daniel about the elephant in the room. Several off-air items have been bubbling up to the surface and it was time to let the listeners in on the fighting.

The core issue involved Daniel's temper tantrum in front of a potential client.

The gang decided it would be best to let the issue pass rather than tell big daddy. For weeks, Daniel's paranoia made him assume everyone was holding it over is head. Finally, he confessed to Dale (while also accusing Bob and CJ of hinting at it). This led to more fighting and even management intervening.

D-Day was the biggest moment of the year in so many ways. Mainly, it highlights how our radio station and the Dudley & Bob + Matt Show are all about personalities – who live their lives out on-air. LISTEN HERE


Thank you so much for reading this, being with us and making 2015 so wonderful! Now here’s to an even better 2016 together!


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