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Top 50 KLBJ Moments of 2014: 10-1

PART FIVE: Special Guests, New Additions and Gallogate


Enter the black gate and walk along the Plateau of Gorgoroth. Make your way to the fiery volcano and begin your ascent. Now you are atop the slopes of Mount Doom. Cast the ring into the fire! It's over. Rest and let the eagles carry you away (why couldn't the eagles just have come to the Shire and ended this mess earlier).

Our countdown of the Top 50 KLBJ Moments of 2014 has come to to it's inevitable end. Like Frodo, it has left you so weakened and disturbed your only choice is to take a ship to the West and live out your days with the elves.

10) George Clooney in Studio

The biggest actor in Hollywood came by to chat with the Dudley & Bob with Matt Morning Show

09) B-DOE wins the Cactus Pryor Award

Within the halls of Emmis Austin Radio, there is no greater honor than winning the Cactus Pryor Award for Outstanding Community Service. Over the past few years, B-DOE has been involved in numerous community efforts including serving on the board for Without Regrets and hosting the Community Insights program on all our stations. He also holds the award for Best Speech.

08) Calling to Tell a Joke

Some drunk dude called to tell a joke (which always goes over well on the radio). CJ pulled the 'phone screener' bit out of the Dudley & Bob book and this guy completely fell for it.

07) You Might Be a Rowdy Rocker

Jeff Foxworthy stopped by the studio to promote Redfest and hang out with B-DOE. He was an awesome guest that played along with "you might be a rowdy rocker" and even Fridaylujah'd with us!

06) Nicole's Pre-Maker Over Photoshoot Trumps Actual Make-Over

On the eve of Nicole's makeover; she decided to do a fun, raunchy photo shoot. The pictures did not have the intended consequence of displaying her as a nerdy tomboy. Instead, she became a bigger sex symbol than ever before.

Nicole's Makeover: The Before Photos

1 of 13
Before 3
Photo by: 
Landry Taylor

05) The Three Waiters

If it had not been for another cast member, the Dudley & Bob + Matt Show's "Three Waiters" might be the best, spontaneous bit to come out of the show all year.

04) CJ vs Jen

Since the dawn of radio personalities have been told they suck. When your goal is to suck less everyday, those words can hurt. Jen was a former rock girl finalists and long time KLBJ listener. She decided to lash out on her hatred of a certain personality on social media. Word got around to CJ so he challenged her to come in and do his job. She accepted and along the way an old personality called in to comment on both of them. The two are still friends.

3) The Year of Gallo

It was truly the year of Daniel Gallo on the Dudley & Bob + Matt Show NAD on KLBJ. From his terrible Fowatza, to his treatment of steak & lobster (#Steakgate), golden key, to his dating woes, stacking firewood, carwall, parking and to almost getting into a fistfight with CJ Morgan; some of the biggest moments of the year have involved our reluctant producer.





02) With Matt

Our number three is number two! It has been decades since the Dudley and Bob Show had another name tacked on the end. Years ago, long time show friend and popular regional MTV Star, Matt Bearden joined the cast. This year it was announced that with Matt would be officially added to the name of the show. The deal was cemented when our van got a paint job.


Those were some exciting moments! If you missed anything be sure to pour back over our list.


In 2014, no item was a bigger topic of discussion, controversy, anger AND humor as number one. Midway through the year, an announcement forever changed the direction of the Dudley & Bob + Matt Show.

Without further adieu, we give you our Top KLBJ Moment of 2014.




01) Ed Clements

No one person had a bigger or better 2014 the the lovable Ed Clements.


Kidding it's actually...








01) Toddler Wedding

Years ago a pic-nic bench tore their love apart. This year they were reunited by love. There were rumors, sightings and whispers of a reunion - but no one knew it would happen like this. Daniel stunned everyone by announcing he had reunited with his ex and the two were getting married. The next few months turned into spats over planning, the show and Dan's overall weirdness.


Several distinguished guests have graced the KLBJ studios with their presence over the course of 2014.

Loris Lowe had Johnny Goudie, Ian Moore, Del Castillo, Ian McLagan, Ray Bonneville, David Grissom, Dexter Freebish, Dan Dyer, Scott H. Biram, Saints of Valory and many others on Local Licks Live.

B-DOE welcomed Tim Kennedy, Cub Swanson, Frankie Edgar, Roy Wood Jr. , Steve Byrne, Ahmed Ahmed, Lou Gramm and Jeff Foxworthy to the show.

Every week LA Lloyd has a different artist co-host the Rock Countdown with him.

Dudley and Bob with Matt hosted several guests this year including Ron White, Aziz Ansari, Meg Turney and so many more.

Next week we will post an extensive photo gallery with all the big names who stopped by. 



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