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Our Fifty Finest Moments of 2017: Part One

Our Top Moments of our Year

What a change a year makes! So many people have come and gone in 2017. Our Marketing Director Whitney moved on, as did our assistant Halie, her replacement Victoria, our graphics designer Grace, and a handful of other key staff members. It was also a year in which several people on our team lost their best friends, or had to overcome difficult personal challenges.

That being said, it was also a year in which we celebrated new births, new hires, and 25 years of Dudley and Bob! In addition to our personal triumphs, there were several big moments that happened on the air (and internet) waves of your favorite station. Here are a few of them:

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50) Politics Aside 

Needless to say, the political tension in America is something that is difficult to ignore. hopefully we found a way to make you laugh, think, or forget.


Jo Mehoff politely called into a local morning radio show to ask the erratic host why he felt it was necessary to use the lord’s name in vain. He has a genius IQ, he’s a beret, and an engineer… surely these leftist bullies would be no match for Jo! Well, listen and learn:


Listen to how fast and how upset this lady got after being accused of smoking reefer sticks.


Anna called up to scold us for not knowing who Sebastian Gorka is (we do) and for not playing his full clip (we did).


49) Our Crazy Contests

Nothing is more entertaining then when something goes horribly wrong live on-air which is usually the case with our morning show contests. 



We argued, debated, and bought over doing a stupid online ACL FEST contest. Finally, we came of with this (and two people participated).

Here’s how it works:

  1. Print out the Dudley & Bob + Matt poster (below), or create your own*, or pick one up at the station.
  2. Listen at 8:20 every morning as we announce the show places we want you to find.
  3. Go to the place and take a "proof of life" picture (or video). Be sure to include the poster!
  4. Post the photo (or video) on the DudleyandBob (Dudley & Bob + Matt) Facebook Page.
  5. Use the hashtags #ListenHard #ACLFest.
  6. Email once you’ve completed your all your tasks (aka posted five photos of show places with the poster).

ACL Fest Winners

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Aaron HEB


48) This Cat

Seriously! Just look at this cat.  


47) Four Non Dans

Just one of the many moments captured on video.


46) Supernatural Encounter at Big Bend


Captain's Trip to West Texas

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Miles in Alpine


45) Kevin Nealon 'Prank Calls' Tradio


44) Click-Bait

The most important thing about the radio is the Internet! Even though our websites are less efficient then a Cuban car battery, we attempted to compete with the Buzzfeeds of the world and WOW you with some content that will leave you NOT BELEIVING WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!


43) Nick VS the Meat Mountain

Our friend, comedian Nick Saverino, chugged a cold Arby's shake in order to throw out the pitch at a Round Rock Express Game.


42) Hair Club Prank Calls

Someone signed CJ Morgan up for the Hair Club as a prank. Well, it turned into two good prank calls so the joke is on you!


41) Our Amazing 2017 Rock Girls

2017 Rock Girl Entries

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40) LA Lloyd's Birthday gets Pretty Reckless on The Rock Countdown

My birthday is Monday August 21 and one of the perks of working at KLBJ is we get our birthday off.  So I'll be celebrating a little earlier on Satirday 8/19 during the LA Lloyd Rock Countdown at 10pm.  Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless joins me to count down the top 30 tracks all over North America.  KLBJ will link up with other great radio stations from Hawaii to St. Maarten for this birthday party. 


39) Vicious Attack Robber Scares Carissa

No wonder she quit!


38) B-DOE'S Big Baby Reveal


37) This Cat Too


36) KLBJ's Sunset Concert Series

All summer long we rocked out at Austin's newest hot-spot, Ernie's on the Lake. Every other Sunday from April through September, KLBJ brought you free live music from some of Austin’s best artists. 


35) B-DOE Does LA

Every year my good buddies pick one UT Longhorn football away game to plan a vacation around. A 'Brocation' if you will. Every year we visit the city, go to the college game, go to a MLB and NFL game if applicable, eat the local fare, drink everything, and spend money that should be going to my children's college education fund. This year we went to California for the UT vs. usc game.

I think next year we might have to make the trip to Maryland for a little revenge (Andrew and Steve be warned)! But until then at least I remembered to take some photos of my experience so that I can actually remember them. The Longhorn faithful travel like no other team. Check out a lil video from when UT was winning...


Check out some pics from my Brocation to LA.

B-DOE's California Adventure With the Horns

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Preflight BUD
Photo by: 
This was just a small sign of things to come...


34) Hypocrites

We watched a YouTube video of Yanet Garcia doing the weather. Soon after, Anne called in to complain about the gang’s reaction, calling them hypocrites. It was hard to decipher her point but she ended up calling back to help us understand.


33) Listeners Get Prostate Checked On Air

Several times a year Dr. Koushik Shaw from the Austin Urology Institute comes by the studio to answer questions about men's health. Today we had several listeners volunteer to have their prostates checked live on-air.

Why? Well, because it is funny. That and it is very important for men to have this done regularly. According to Dr. Shaw, Prostate cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths among men in the United States. Yet, when detected in its early stages, prostate cancer can be effectively treated and cured.


32) 93.7 THE BONE

Sometimes we riff and end up stumbling onto gold. Dale was attempting to tell a dental story while playing with the synthesizer and BOOM we ended up coming up with a new radio station.


31) ACL Fest

Sometimes we get to have a wee bit of fun while on the clock. ACL Fest is always one of those times! 

B-DOE's ACL Fest 2017 Adventures

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Mila Sketch
Photo by: 
While you're walkin the festival, check out Mila Sketch doin her thang! See more at


30) B-DOE Tries to Stretch Birthday to BirthMonth

You only live once. Or at least that's what some people say. I say, if that is indeed the case, that you should truly celebrate the fact you were actually born. Don't just celebrate a "day", life is too short. I encourage you to impress and annoy all your friends and family by stretching it out and celebrating a "Birthmonth"!

This caller obviously disagrees with my Birthmonth sentiments and took the time out of his busy schedule to let me know. Thank you to the many who called in to wish me actually good things on my Birthmonth. I have included a few of my favorites before you hear the opposite side of the Birthmonth argument.


29) Bob, the Celebrity 

This year has been big for the Bobfather! He’s been on television, back stage at concerts, and even bought records with Elvis Costello. 


28)  Sexy Halloween Costumes for Sexy Men

CJ took things up a notch this year and went all-nude for his annual costume post. 

CJ's 2017 Slutty Halloween Costumes

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Steve Throbs 4
Photo by: 
Lisa Friedrich


27) The Shit Daniel Says

Daniel says a lot of weird shit on the radio. It is nearly impossible to keep up with all of it but we are trying! Here are a few moments of Danielism gold:


26) Are you Smarter than Daniel Gallo?

Daniel Gallo is an international phenomenon. Besides being the Asian Poop God, he's also our official historian. Professor Dan drops endless facts on the daily in his attempt to educate the masses. But are you paying attention? It's time to find out whether or not you've learned from the Gallo. Take our quiz and share the results on Facebook.

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