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Carlos Santana Announces Release of New EP, Signs to Concord Records

Carlos Santana has signed with Concord Records and will be releasing a new EP, In Search of Mona Lisa, on January 25; a vinyl edition is scheduled to be released February 22. The album was produced by Rick Rubin and marks Santana's first release since his Power of Peace collaboration with The Isley Brothers back in 2017.

The three tracks on the EP were inspired by a trip Santana took to the The Louvre Museum while in Paris, France. It was there that he laid his eyes on Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece: The Mona Lisa. According to the guitarist's website "All it took was one look into the implacable eyes of The Mona Lisa for Santana to feel as though something strange and powerful was taking place." 

“We are thrilled to welcome Carlos to the Concord family and look forward to where his seemingly endless creativity, curiosity and passion take us," said John Burk, president of Concord Records, in a press release announcing Santana's signing.

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You can find the track listing for the new EP below.

In Search of Mona Lisa Track Listing:

1. "Do You Remember Me"
2. "In Search of Mona Lisa"
3. "Lovers From Another Time"
4. "Do You Remember Me" (Edit Version)
5. "In Search of Mona Lisa" (Edit Version)


Photo Credit: Concord Records


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