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50 Best KLBJ Moments of 2016

Our Top Moments of 2016!

We’ve had a lot of wild times from double meat burger discussions, pizza gate, chair gate, the tree stump, Trump dump, an Ostrich Penis, Pop cop getting a complaint, Dale quiting the magazine and so much more!

We’ve continued to bring you great events and great programing from Local Licks Live, to the #Sideshow, LA Lloyd Rock Countdown, The Show Before the Show, Local Insights and, yes, much more. 

It’s been a wild ride but here we are, at the Top Ten KLBJ Moments of 2016! Thank you for clicking and we all look forward a bigger and better 2017. 

50) The Camping Trip aka "Waiting For Seriousness to be Restored"

The Bobfather went camping with Daniel, CJ, Chuy and some friends. Daniel thought he was being trolled the entire time + painted the side of a mouton brown, Chuy almost ruined Bob's cooking gear, a quadcopter drown went down, they got lost while hiking on acid, Sandstorm was played repeatedly, someone flashed a pistol, and there was at least one shouting match/near fistfight (followed an incident on Periscope which prompted Dale to call). Overall, however, it was a fun bonding experience for the team.


49) Sting Gives KLBJ Props

There are many legends and tall tales told within the walls of our heritage radio station. From Lady Bird's secret tunnel, to glitter gulch, the missing time capsule and many more. One story, which involves KLBJ making the Police "famous", was recently proven to be true! Sting appeared on Howard Stern and told the story of Roxanne.

48) Pranking around the Office 

Thanks to new social media tech such as Snap Chat, Instagram and Facebook Live, silly little moments of radio station life began to be documented.  


47) Jordan Smith Brings Us A Gift

Our good friend and reporter Jordan went to the Jim Bakker show so you don't have to. She tells us all about it, and we get amazing gifts (like a bucket of food).


46) MMA Legend Randy Couture Pops By

Randy Couture has pretty much done it all. He's a former Light Heavyweight MMA Champ, former Heavyweight Champ, star of small and big screen, Dancin With The Stars alum, celebrity trainer, Hall of Famer, and all around beast of a huMAN. He got lost and ended up in my studio, so I took the opportunity to ask him about Bellator MMA 161 at HEB Center at Cedar Park on September 16th. Full disclosure, Randy Couture is a hero of mine as I've grown up loving MMA ever since I rented my first fight video from Blockbuster. That's a place that used to rent VHS tapes. VHS tapes used to be cutting edge video technology. Oh forget it... -B-DOE


45) Ari & Kurt Meet the 'Shroom King of Radio'

While discussing an event called Shroom Fest, one of our employees got called out  by Dale in front of comedians Ari Shaffir and Kurt Metzger


A video posted by CJ Morgan (@thecjmorgan) on


44) Matt Bearden Reverse Prank Call

Matt gave Daniel and CJ a run for their money with this hilarious, improvised Reverse Prank Call 


43) Uncle Creepy VS Austin Comedy, Dale Dudley and KLBJ

A new comedy club opened up in Austin (well, a room inside a hotel in Bee Caves) and the new owner went after Dale and the Austin comedy scene after we declined his offer to have an Robin Williams impersonator on the show. 


42) Brett Rossi is So Damn Hot

Adult star and former girlfriend of Charlie Sheen came by the studio and chatted with the gang. It was a fun interview and OMG SHE IS SO HOT


41) Pokemon Craze Hits KLBJ

For about a month, everyone at the office was trying to catch Pokemon. CJ Morgan decided he’d rather ‘F’ them all. 

Pokémon Go

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40) Dale's Titty

Dale’s weird boob become daily fodder for the embattled radio host’s co-workers. Luckily, we were able to snap a pic and do what we love – troll people (yes, MANY creeps fell for it).


39) Sexy Rock Girl Videos

In addition to winning cash, concert tickets and a photoshoot with Vaughn, this Years Miss KLBJ Rock Girls got star in these zany videos.


38) Sybian For Sale

Someone posted our request-line on a few Craigslist ads which resulted in this strange phone call.


37) Keep Calm and Chive On

Night Radioman and Internet Enthusiasts CJ Morgan announced he was leaving for the Chive and then awkwardly negotiated to get his job back with Tom Slick live on-air.



36) The Lonely Island in Studio

The Lonely Island joined the gang one morning to discuss Internet Trolls, music and their new movie staring Andy Samberg.


35) Hell or Highwater

CJ pretended to be a reporter and interviewed several stars at the premiere of Hell or Highwater. 



This year our annual SXSW Live Broadcast moved to the Shady Grove on Barton Springs. For four days listeners were rocked FOR FREE by some kick ass bands. 


33) Fan Boy CJ Gets a Kiss from Wild Belle

The KLBJ crew got to chat with a lot of great artists backstage at the Austin City Limits Music Festival. One of CJ Morgan's favorite interviews ended with this cheeky moment involving Natalie from Wild Belle.


32) Dale's New House Was Vandalized

Dale discovered some strange writings on the sheet rock of his new house in Leander. What does it all mean?


31) The Cruise!

Dale, Bob, Matt and several listeners got to go on an exciting European cruise!

DBM Show Cruise Pics

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30) The Pimple Popping Challenge

Dale and the show preppers found another thing that freaks Daniel out. Over the course of a few weeks, we continued to pepper Daniel with pimple popping videos until e finally made it through (kinda).


29) Super Sound Effects

We couldn’t think of anything to put here so how about some of our new sound effects?


28) Eric Tessmer Melts Faces on Facebook Live

The biggest addition to our station this year was not the harmonizer, but Facebook Live videos. Yes, most of them are annoying but sometimes they are a lot of fun! For example, Fridaylujahing with Eric Tessmer.


27) Eskimo Brothers

Proof that CJ is closer to our listeners than any disc jockey should be.


26) B-DOE Gets RAW with Cesaro

Monday Night RAW returned to the Frank Erwin Center and wrestling star Cesaro came by the studio to hang with B-DOE.


25) Bob Meets the Boss

Never meet your heroes – unless it happens to be Bruce Springsteen. The Bobfather left the show early one morning to stand in line for hours and spend :15 seconds with his idol. How did it go? “Went by so fast. Great though, totally worth it.”


24) Have to Sell This Car

Years ago, CJ sold two cars by making stupid YouTube videos. He tried for a three-peat but has yet to have any luck.


23) Reverse Prank Calls

Speaking of Whacky Captainess, CJ had some memorable Reverse Prank Calls this year!


22) BDOE is back!!! (on Facebook)

Over a year later, B-DOE returns to Facebook after being booted by the company for not having a ‘real name’. Damn you corporate overlords!


21) Chuy Goes on a Date

After years of sad complaints, the DBM Morning Show decided to set our dear friend Chuy up on a date. Four lovely ladies come to the studio courtesy of OnSpeedDating. They spent three minutes nervously talking on-air and at the end,  a lucky lady was chosen then taken about on the town. Apparently everything went great (for about a month). 

Speed Dating on KLBJ

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20) JIT Tournament Sorta Fizzles

Our annual (and second ever) Journalistic Integrity Tournament started off with a bang! News personalities from all over the city were actively involved and Big Tom even started a men’s bracket. There was plenty of arguing, some heavy weights were knocked out in the early rounds, and even some voting controversy after 2015 champ Kris Betts changed her vote in a recount. In the end, we crowned TWC News Anchor Elizabeth Jeneault, Unfortunately, she opted not to join us in studio and the entire bit fizzled. Luckily, newcomer and fan favorite RaeAnn Christensen came by to meet the gang.


19) Dan Continually Pesters TRadio Hosts

Daniel ramped up his prank calling efforts and went to war with other radio stations. Totally uncool, not good and unfunny.


18) Shanna from the Austin Mindfulness Center

For years, Dale has wanted to have someone mentally evaluate the cast members. That’s how we came across Shanna, an LPC-Intern from the Austin Mindfulness Center. During her visits she ran a series of tests on the gang (including the most recent narcissism evaluation). Some asshat wrote a complaint and now we don’t know if she can ever come back.

Narcissism test results. 1-11 is low, 12-15 is normal, Celebrities score closer to 18 and narcissists score over 20.

  • Chuy - 3
  • Carissa - 7
  • Dale - 9
  • Matt - 12
  • Bob - 14
  • Daniel – 19
  • CJ - 29


17) Carissa Fell Asleep On-Air

It certainly has been a rough year for associate producer Carissa McAtee! She’s been working several jobs, frequently sick, and just can’t seem to pay attention to the show!


16) Radio Caller Defends Carissa’s Honor

The show does have a good deal of fun at Carissa’s expense and one listener is fed up with it! This guy called into the CJ Morgan Show (at night) to make his case/threats.


15) Carissa’s Piggy Bank

Every morning Dale gets on to Carissa about something. Wearing headphones, talking into the mic, sitting appropriately while in the studio, etcetera. Nothing he said seemed to get through to her so in order to get her to pay attention, we decided to pay her. The #Warriors donated money and we came up with the concept of a monetary reward/fine system.

Here are the violations ($20 per): 

  • Smoking
    Smoking at work or coming in the studio smelling of smoke (or excessive perfume to cover the smoke)
  • Chair Etiquette
    This includes sitting on the floor, sitting on her heals, exposing her lady bits and more.
  • On-air professionalism
    Wearing her headphones, talking into a mic, yelling from the back room. 
  • Excessive Likes
    Three or more likes strung together.
  • Pen Chew
    Chewing on pens


14) Fast Food Fanatics

Daniel’s weird food issues become a regular segment on the D&B+M Show. An unfinished video project set out to capture some of his eating habits and hoarding tendencies. 


13) Pop Cop Returns

Speaking of new segments, the ever popular pop culture guru became a mainstay on KLBJ in 2016. Congratulations America, your intelligence is under arrest!


12) Bret Micheals Brings the KLBJ Crew on Stage

It’s no doubt that B-DOE and all KLBJ listeners know how to party. A few months back, the H-E-B Center at Cedar Park hosted Enchanted Rock Fest featuring RATT, Warrant, FireHouse, Jack Russell's Great White, Steelheart AND Bret freaking Michaels! During Nothing but a Good Time, Michaels invited B-DOE and some of his Rowdy Rockers on stage to sing along.


11) Speed Dating Exes

For almost an awkward hour, CJ Morgan sat down with several ladies of his past on the D&B+M Show to discuss why things went wrong. It was a great bit – although very uncomfortable for the Captain.

Speed Dating "Exes"

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10) Harley Winner Freaks Out

One of our biggest giveaways was a Harley Davidson Motorcycle from CTHD. B-DOE was on hand to emcee the event and capture this rowdy rocker going ape-s.


09-t) CJ Makes a List and Everyone Bitches About It

TRIGGER WARNING: Passive aggressive

Once again, no one responded to one of the many emails involving KLBJ social media/digital ideas (probably all out having a free lunch without CJ). So instead of collaborating on a year-end-list with the team, it was up to CJ to do all the work by himself – and then listen to everyone criticize it (but it’s what he deserves because the rock girl videos are shitty, he whines too much and all the girls he dated are not attractive enough for Dale).


09-t) Bob's Suprise BDAY Party

Bob turned the big 2-1 and everyone was there to celebrate! The evening was filled with food, dancing and emotional speeches.


08) Who is this?

Nightman CJ Morgan might have ruined a relationship! This man apparently became suspicious after discovering his lady had been calling him a lot. Hopefully, no one was hurt.


07) Under Five Film Festival II

Once again, Daniel Gallo’s baldhead and Carissa’s teatree oil soaked vagina shined brightly on the big screen before a sold out Alamo Drafthouse theatre.

Hundreds of #Warriors came out to see their fellow fans creations and laugh along with KLBJ crew. Both screenings were packed and $10,000 in cash prizes were given out to a hand full of filmmakers. 


06) Kitties! 

The children are our future and KLBJ is all about connecting with the kids. Matt Bearden’s youngest recently discovered something he really, really likes. Can you guess what it is with this sound clip?


05-t) Bob Wins the Cactus Pryor Award

05-t) KLBJ Sweeps Emmis Awards

Emmis Communications named Dudley and Bob with Matt Best Show in our company and KLBJ won best station this year.



04) Bed Bugs

Why do we win such great awards? Perhaps it’s because our personalities put it all out there, on-air.

Especially Dale Dudley who found out that he had a bed bug infestation early this year. The infestation did end up netting us a new client plus the hotel chain set Dale and the family up with a sweet hotel suite. As it turns out, the hotel did not have bed bugs (which Dale embarrassingly admitted a few days after the results came in).


03) El Diablo

It might not be at the top of this list, but the story of the year goes to the one and only With Matt Bearden. El Diablo tells the tale of a man who gets violently ill on the way home from work...


02) Steven Tyler

The biggest guest we had this year, was no doubt, Steven Tyler. He sat in with LA Lloyd while we lived-streamed on Facebook (apparently at one moment he didn’t realize we were live… awkward). After the hour long interview and jam session wrapped up, Mr. Tyler was gracious enough to go into the lobby to take a pic, answer questions, and kiss all our female co-workers.


01) Hanging with Spence

Top moment of 2016? Easy and breezy as Spence himself. 


Kidding! How could Spence be numero uno when there is...


001) Stevie!

What started as something excruciatingly annoying (Carissa would say “Stevie” every time an animal was talked about on-air) turned into the catch phrase of 2016.


Again, kidding. How dumb are you?  We are not going to make a sweet little dog the best moment of 2016. That distinct position is only reserved for the utmost entertaining aspect of our year (Toddler Wedding, D-Day). The Best KLBJ Moment of 2016 is actually…















1) The Guitar Man Saga

The biggest moment of the year came when Carissa announced she was newly single, after a five year relationship with one of our listeners/ friends. From there we learned she was seeing her neighbor, warned her about being in a co-dependent relationship before soon enough she was living with him. 

To make matters worse, the gang was not allowed to say his name on-air and we are pretty sure he hates the show. The entire saga has played out over the course of the year and been brought up almost everyday.  Congrats Carissa for knocking Daniel off of the top spot on our year end list!

What did we miss? Let us KNOW!


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