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Farewell to Carissa

For seven years, Carissa has been the wacky assistant producer and sidekick on the Dudley and Bob with Matt Show. She has amazed us with her ridiculous comments and occasional exaggerations.

Her love for animals was sometimes nauseating as was her stretching and descriptions of her stomach problems. She's showed us her heart and lady parts. Carissa took more poops on the clock than she did cigarette breaks.

She's had AIDS, can't have kids, suffered from early onset Alzheimer's, sleep paralysis, migraines, scoliosis, cancer, IBS, Crones, anxiety, an eating disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Bi-Polar, rickets, and tuberculosis just to name a few…

This is a person who left the station off-air for hours TWICE, quit drinking FOREVER, and STILL manages to fall asleep on-air.

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Carissa Jaded McAtee was an integral part of the show during its current heyday. We are going to miss her voice, her stupid dancing, that ridiculous fake crunchy laugh, those kinda-lies, the STEVIEs, her crystal charged positive energy, the misspelled blog titles, hot in-studio yoga, circle of fear fueled friendships, tea tree oil smells, celebrity hovering, and most of all her voice.

We are really going miss hearing our friend every morning. We have fought, cried, and grown together.

-Love you Carissa, with love, from 





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