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11 Ultimate Summer Road Trip Songs

A few of the gangs favorites, what are yours?

We are going on the Ultimate Road Trip Music Wormhole!  If you are heading out of town this weekend make sure to add a few of these to your playlist AND give us your favorites.

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10) David Bowie - Suffragette City

It’s fun and fast paced. You can’t go wrong starting a road trip with Bowie.


9) Pat Green - Southbound 35

The classic college Texas country jam! Perfect for heading down to float the river. 


8) Meat Loaf - Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Honestly we only included this because Carissa loves to sing it. 


7) Going up the Country - Canned Heat

You’ve just got out of the city and this one comes on the radio… excellent!  


6) Allman Brothers Band - Midnight Rider

This classic southern rock hit just makes you feel so damn cool. Watch your speed!


5) The Band - The Weight

For your first pit stop,


4) Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Runnin' Down A Dream

You’ve gassed up, took a leak, and scored some beef jerky. Time to get back on the highway with some Tom Petty. 


3) Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild

You are the ultimate American badass! Sure you traded the Harley for a Subaru after having kids but your spirit still rides the road hard. 


2) Lindsey Buckingham - Holiday Road

You can’t hear this one without conjuring up images of a babe in a red corvette pulling up next you… 


1) Radar Love - Golden Earring

This is it. The ultimate road trip song. When you are tired, can’t see straight but still have a few hours to go.  

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