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Dudley & Bob + Matt Halloween Bash

Hey. Sorry. We lied, you got click-baited by some blue boobs. No party this year so here are the pictures from our last one.

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D&B+M Halloween Bash 2015

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It was another exciting time at the annual Dudley and Bob with Matt Halloween Nash! Hundreds of costumed fans packed into Baker Street Pub hoping to win their share of the $5,000.


Bob’s $500 Runner Up: Sad Dorthy

This man broke our hearts... in the creepiest way.

Matt’s $500 Runner Up: Picture Day

This listener imitated Matt’s daughter’s recent school photo. 

Dale’s $500 Runner Up: Daniel Yelling at Hopdoddy

Daniel’s meltdown in front of a potential client was a HUGE part of this year’s drama. These two nailed it… YOU’RE NOT MY BRO!

3rd Place $500 Winner: Plug Love

Two, homemade and light up plugs.

2nd Place $1,000 Winner: X-Men

They go as a group every year and finally took home the big prize! 

1st Place $2,000 Winner: Jim Bakker and Creamy Potato Soup

Great show and topical costume! Plus it’s two babes who stayed in character all night! Ended up being on everyone’s short list. 



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