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What Happens Behind the Scenes at a Radio Station?

A look into what happens behind the scenes of radio

Have you ever wondered about what happens behind the scenes of the radio? Feel free to ask your questions and we will make more informational videos like these!

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Why do DJ’s play long songs?

Many have pondered this deep, dark secret. I decided it is time to pull back the curtain reveal a little known secret.


How do we test our material?

The key to good radio is to test it on people with a similar sense of humor. Who are these people? Babies.


What happens when you leave a Wiener Dog alone in the studio? 

Miles is our station mascot. What happens when he goes unsupervised in the studio?


How do you promote the show?

With super dramatic TV commercials 


How do you handle complaints?


How do you get free food?


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CJ Morgan is not a writer. He is a click-bait hack and angry radio DJ who is bitter over the fact no one ever clicks on his stuff and that he will never be famous enough.

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