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Tips for Calling the Radio Station

One of the best parts about doing a radio show is talking to the people who listen. Unfortunately, the calls we receive are often out of place or inappropriate. The etiquette for calling into station is a little different than giving Mee Mah a ring during brunch or telling your bros about that gang-bang.

I have had/heard enough awkward conversations to come to the conclusion that we need to make some rules for calling into a radio station.

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1) Go to a quiet location

If you are parasailing, we can’t hear what you are saying.

2) Yes I am talking to you

...and no you should not be quiet or hang up.

3) Do not cuss

The FCC will arrest us both. Besides, your foul words will never make it on air because we have a bleep and 30 second delay. It does, however, make me have to edit the call or hit the dump (which sounds weird on air).

4) Do not ask if you won something

You haven't. Also, we don't need to hear a sad story about your mom that has cancer and wants to see ZZ Top before she passes.

5) Salutations are (for the most part) unnecessary

I’m doing fine, I assume you are too (you are listing to the Captain on KLBJ after all). No need to spend precious time exchanging pleasantries, get to your point.


6) Please greet me by name or nickname

(CJ, the Captain, Wizard, Nightman, Burt Reynolds of Radio, Dr. Midnight etc.). It’s an ego thing and required by law.

7) Get right to your point/request/complaint/story or punch line

Don't screw around and waste time meant for Zeppelin!

8) One person talks at a time

I’ll let you say your piece, allow me mine.

9) Be sure to mention how awesome we are

...and how much you love KLBJ


A few other minor notes:
-It's fine to plug your 'handle' or name
-If your at work and they are playing KLBJ, feel free to plug your business
-Don't call every single night (every other is fine)
-Stay on topic or call back later
-Feel free to complain or rip me a new one

Here is an example of a good and a bad phone call as performed by Carissa Jaded


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