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Parks Report with Rusty Wayne

Rusty Wayne clues you in on where to find some green and get wet this summer

Every week, your KLBJ Parks Reporter takes you inside a hot spot to get some green and sun your buns.



Peace Park

Kids, did you know parks are cool? Well, not this one. 

Pace Bend Park

Rusty knows Pace Bend Park really well BUT beware! A danger lurks...

Zilker Park

Rusty Wayne heads to our crown jewel, Zilker Park, and reveals a dark secret. 

McKinney Falls

Rusty is a little upset with you all. Here is why:


Rusty is not a fan. Here is why:

Butler Park

Perfect place to step in dog shit!

The Backyard

Rusty finally gets kicked out of a park. 


As park of KLBJ's commitment to serve the community, I'm introducing a new segment. Jesse Wayne from the Parks Department will start calling in weekly to give us a report about Austin's great outdoor spots.

Walnut Creek Park

This is Jesse from the Parks Department here to talk about Walnut Creek Park. Located just off Parmer and Lamar, this facility features a great number of amenities. From hiking, to disc golf, soccer fields and even a hiking trail along the creek bed. Perhaps the best feature is the mountain bike trails… but be sure to stay AWAY from the men’s restroom near the back of the park because it’s a TRAP.  You do NOT want to be in there for too long, especially after dark on a Saturday. Or even most weekdays to be quite honest. Trust me.  It’s a TRAP. I’m Jesse and this is your Parks in Austin Update.

Deep Eddy Pool

Summertime means swimming and there’s no better place to go than deep Eddy Pool. The cool spring water and relaxed atmosphere make for a great location to beat the heat. Take a dip and enjoy the swim but whatever you do, stay away from the abandon locker room – that is a horrible mistake I will never make again. If you are fully clothed you might be fine but I doubt it. I had a shirt on, no pants but that wouldn’t have mattered anyhow.


Georgetown Pond

This is your Austin Parks update with Jesse here to talk about a little gem up in Georgetown. The Pond is a great place to pack a pic nick, relax and throw stones at turtles. I spend countless hours chunking rocks at the little fellows. Afterwards you go cliff diving! I’ve made a turtle pelt swimsuit, which you will need because the pond is only about 4 feet deep.


Trip to the Oasis

Have you ever gone into the wilderness on a starry night and asked the secrets of the universe? Maybe sit until the daytime, eat a flower, smoke a mushroom, and just watch as the sun explodes into a giant ball of fire. Don't take my word for it though.


Mt. Bonnell

Jesse Wayne took a hike up Mt. Bonnell and discovered a secret.


Aquarena Springs

Jesse Wayne traveled to San Marcos to check out the springs and a few other things!

Jacob's Well

Jesse Wayne goes camping at Jacob's Well and gives us this report on all the fun activities.


Zilker Park

Sometimes I go to the third park bench on the right past the main trail entrance, and I just sit there with a birthday cake and candles. You get a good laugh at the first reaction of people walking by, but it's that second and third lap when they realize you haven't taken a bite yet that is really funny. Try to time it just right, because this prank won't work on the hippy crowd. They're either too high to notice, or they'll just stop and ask you something stupid like "Who's birthday is it mannnn"


Hiking the Austin Trails

Jesse Wayne has a special trail he wants you to try out!

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